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Friday, September 30, 2011

Preston is 4mo old!!!

Preston is 4mo old today!!!!!

I really can't believe it's been 4mo since those first 2 weeks in the NICU.  It was so scary and there were a few days where we thought we'd never get here.  Those days seemed to drag on, it seemed like he would never be home with us and now he's 4mo old!!!  It has really flown by since bringing him home.  We are so happy to have him with us, the boys are still just completely in love with him, they are so wonderful with him.  

He has come so far over the past 4mo!  For the most part he is healthy and doing great!  We still have to be careful, try not to let him get sick, we are coming into RSV season now so we will need to be extra careful because he is more vulnerable to lung issues if he does get sick because his lungs are still fully healing from everything they went through at birth.  And we are still waiting on final results on his kidney tests but we do know that whatever it showed is nothing serious, which is always good.  So he's doing really well. 

He is now 14.5lbs, I will find out how long he is next Friday at his 4mo appt.  He is teething, I've been bitten a bunch of times over the past week and he's a drool machine!  Hoping the teeth hold off for awhile longer, love that gummy smile.  He is smiling, giggling and talking all the time now.  He recognizes his brothers, daddy and me.  He's definitely a mommy's boy.  He reminds me a lot of Casen but isn't as sensitive, doesn't freak out when other people touch him.  But he seems to just sit back and watch and absorb everything going on around him.  He still doesn't really reach out and grab things, he has a couple times but that's it.  He doesn't have any interest in trying to pick things up or holding toys.  The only thing he likes to hold onto is his paci cloth, other than that he doesn't grab onto anything.  Still doesn't know he has feet but is realizing he controls his hands.  He was rolling from tummy to back but hasn't in back to tummy yet.  He is still requiring full support if he tries to sit up.  So he's still behind but progressing really well.  He has his developmental pediatrician appt on Oct 10th.

He really is such a good baby, he is sleeping really well...much better than Casen and Hayden did even around a year old!  He is ready for bed around 7:30-8 every night.  He has a bath every other night so on those nights he has bath, massage with lotion, new diaper, pjs, nurse then cuddles and then I put him in bed fully awake and he goes right to fussing at all.  On nights without bath it's the same thing just without bath and sometimes no lotion.  He will then sleep anywhere from 6-9hrs (about 7hrs is average though) wakes to nurse then right back to sleep for 3-4hrs then repeat.  He does around 12hrs total a night.  He's starting to say up for around 1.5-2hrs at a time but gets about 3 good naps a day, maybe 4.  He goes down to sleep for naps in his crib on his own too!  If I see him getting sleepy I just lay him down and he goes to sleep.  He will nap about 1.5-3hrs depending on the nap.  The past few days he's only had 6 feeds in a 24hr period!!  It's actually been really nice, I don't feel like I'm constantly sitting nursing him anymore.  While I love to nurse him it's hard when it seems like every time you start to do something he's hungry and you are the only one that can feed him.  But right now it's 3pm and he's eaten 6x already haha so don't know if that's going to last.  

Landon and Preston

Hayden and Preston

Smiley baby

Daddy and Preston


Talking to the frog

Serious baby

Casen and Preston


  1. Your boys are gorgeous. You sure make them pretty ;)

  2. LMAO I love that pic of Hayden talking to him on the couch.. Hayden's face just cracks me up