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Friday, September 16, 2011

Preston's kidney testing

Today Preston had his testing done to hopefully find out what's wrong with his kidneys.  His appt was at 10:30, we got there right on time, we didn't end up leaving until about 4:30!!!  It took FOREVER!  It was ridiculous.  He had his last feeding right before 9am and they told me not to feed him after that.  We were still waiting for them to call him back for the first of 2 tests at noon and he was starving.  They called and talked to a nurse and they said I could feed no reason to starve the poor kid.  So I fed him and finally they came and got us.  

He went back and got an IV put in.  They did a really good job, took a good 10min looking all over his body for the best spot to start it so it would be quick and hopefully not have to dig around for it.  They found a spot on his foot, got it in first go and very quickly...but he was screaming bad :(  I had to sit on the other side of the curtain, I couldn't watch.  After they got it all taped up I went back in and for the first time ever he reached out for something while looking at it, with <3  He has a playmat and will bat at the toys on it, but he's never looking, it's like he is just moving and hits it so then continues to but doesn't really see what he's doing, he doesn't actually reach for it.  This was the first time he actually looked and reached for something.  I sat next to him and he was wrapped up in a warm blanket to help calm him and he broke one arm out of the swaddled and held it out to me and I touched his hand and he grabbed hold of it and wouldn't let go <3  It was the sweetest thing ever.  I picked him up and held him and he fell asleep...he had slept 10min before they took him back for the to sleep about 10min this time before they had to start the cath.  They told me to expect him to cry.  I sat where I could see him but out of their way.  They did numbing stuff and he didn't even whimper, then they put in the cath and NOTHING!  He didn't cry AT ALL!  The nurses said he was the best baby to ever get one, he did awesome.  They were also very impressed with his cloth haha

I got to hold him again while they gave him some fluids, he nursed and almost fell asleep but then we had to finally take him down for his first test.  They put him on the table in this huge machine, they had weighted bean bag type things to hold him still, flat on his back.  He was exhausted by this point, he doesn't sleep on his back unless he's in bed with me or swaddled (usually if swaddled it's in his boppy) otherwise he's on his tummy.  So he wasn't comfortable at all, he was just miserable.  I wasn't able to pick him up and he had to stay there for a full hour.  He kept crying and nothing I did helped, I couldn't take it so I had to leave and get something to eat, I couldn't sit there and listen to him scream and not be allowed to do was killing me.  So I came back about 35min later and he was asleep, not 3min after walking in he woke up and started screaming again...the nursed asked if he was breastfed and I said yes and she said he smelled me come back in.  So I tried to go to the waiting room but he wouldn't calm so I went back in and was finally able to get him back to sleep for the last 15min of the test.  After that they took his IV out because it wasn't needed for the 2nd test.

Then we had to wait almost 30min for his next test.  He was hurting from his cath, he had pulled on it a bit and then screamed.  Finally got him calmed down,  nursed again and he fell asleep for about 20min or so, best nap he got all day

So he finally got called back for his 2nd test.  It was a few xrays, one to check the cath.  Then they put contrast into his cath, filled his bladder, took an xray of it full then took the cath out....which he was mad at this point because he had to pee so bad but couldn't, he was so glad to have it come out....then had to get an xray while he was peeing with him on his left side then on his right.  

After the 2nd test she told me our dr would have the results on his fax machine on Monday morning.  She asked if we had an appt next week and I said not until end of Oct and she said "oh yeah I think you'll be getting a call next week, I think you'll hear from them Tues if not call on Wed" and she said it like it showed reflux which is what the 2nd test was checking for.  From the dr telling us the symptoms before I was thinking that was what he had and now it seems like it is.  But I don't know for sure, she couldn't tell me anything but it was what she said and HOW she said it it really sounded like they showed it.  

He was SO happy to get back into his clothes, tube free.  He started talking to me all happy <3

He is exhausted and got a bath when we got home and I Put him in bed at 7pm for the night...which is about 1-2hrs early for him.  Hope he sleeps well and is feeling better tomorrow, I know he's sore.

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