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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hayden is now 4yrs old!!!!

Hayden Noah is 4yrs old!!!!  As of 5:43am on Sept 15th he turned 4yrs old.  Can't believe it's already been 4yrs since my little 7lbs 6oz man was born!  He is now about 31-32lbs and almost 39in!  He had a good day, though we didn't really do anything since he had his party on Saturday and gave him his gifts then.  

How about a few baby pics and now pics :)

1st Christmas

Feb 2008

June 2008

1st birthday!

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

3yrs old

He is now a big brother

4yrs old!!!

He's a gymnast! lol

With his kiwi

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