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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hayden's 4th birthday party!

Another busy week coming up but before I head to bed I thought I'd update about Hayden's party!  

We didn't do anything big, just had it at a local park.  Quite a few kids showed up and they all played and had a lot of fun.  The park was infested with bees, it was insane really, they were all over the place driving us crazy.  Preston slept through most of the party which is good because we had forewarned people that we wouldn't be letting anyone hold him since fall is coming, kids just started back at school, hands couldn't be washed...just can't take that chance with him.  Luckily everyone understood and it went fine.  He slept in his stroller though about half of the party, woke and nursed then hung out back in his stroller watching until the party was over, he was really good!  

Hayden had a great time!  He loved all of his gifts, he got some awesome stuff!!  And was so happy everyone came.  

After the party a few of my friends came back to my house to hang out.  They all knew Nikki from online too but hadn't had a chance to meet her since she got here so we just sat around talking while the kids played.  It's so great that our little group, all of us have kids, and all of the kids get along so well.  Heather wasn't able to make it with Alissa, she had other plans, but was at Hayden's party....we missed her at the house though :(  But it was nice just hanging out with the girls and's been too long and we need to do it again...SOON!  

Hayden was worn out after playing so hard all day, he went right to sleep when we put him to bed.  I think he had a great time :)  

Some pics

With Daddy while everyone was singing happy birthday to him

Blowing out his candles

Sleepy man

Our tradition...the birthday boy always cuts the first piece

Opening presents

A 3ds from mommy and daddy!

Car track thing from Kadrie

Hat from Heather and Alissa

This pic was taken a little while before his party, we went out to Mansfield to pick up Aunt Dessa and he napped most of the way there and back but when he woke up he had to pee, there was no waiting, and nothing around to stop to let him go.  So I just pulled over on the side of the highway and he stood at the door of the van and peed, he was so proud of himself it was ridiculous

Can't believe in 3 days he will be 4!!!!

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