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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Preston is 3mo old!!!

As I say all the time, it's going by so fast!!!!  I can NOT believe he is 3mo old today!!!!  Sorry for the lack of updates, our favorite kiwi is in town!!!!

Nikki and I have been friends since I was pregnant with Hayden and talk daily online, ran a forum together and have become really good friends.  Finally after over 4yrs we got to meet!  She lives in NZ and came over here last Thurs and will be here through Sept 14th.  It's been great, the boys absolutely love her!  

But because of that we've been busy and I haven't really had much time to update on here.  

But back to Preston!  He is 3mo today!!  He is about 13lbs 5oz and 24in long!  

He is doing great, smiling loads more, a bit better with the head control he can sit in his bumbo for short periods of time.  He got a new playmat which he really loves.  He's sleeping really well at night and for the most part during the day, he fights his last nap of the day really bad though, but other than that he usually goes down really easily.  He is starting to giggle a bit, kind of a half giggle but adorable!!!  

Some awesome pics that Nikki has taken since being here of him

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