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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tide Stain Release Review!

Ok I don't usually do reviews on products but this product is so awesome all moms need to know about it!!!  When I was pregnant Tide did an offer on Facebook for free samples, I was able to get one and was expecting maybe 2-3 tablets at most in the sample.  Nope it was a full size sample!!  You got the bag you would buy at the store, I was shocked!  So I have been using it on Preston's clothes when he explodes lol.  He has often "exploded" on his car seat insert like's ridiculous really.  

This stuff is awesome!  

So there have been 3x that I have had to wash Preston's sheet because he got EBF poo all over it which is bright yellow and hard to get out of certain fabrics (not cloth diapers though how weird is that?) but I've washed it and dried it without the stain release, just forgot to throw it in.  It came out still stained...THAT'S when I remember the stain release of course.  So I put it back in the wash with the stain release and it comes out COMPLETELY stain free!!!!  That's AFTER being washed AND dried once with the stain on it!  I've always remembered to put it in when washing his car seat insert, until the other day I forgot...came out stained really badly still I was really upset until I remembered I didn't use the stain release, so back into the wash it went...again STAIN FREE!!!!  

I only have 2 tablets left before I have to buy some, I will definitely be buying some!  I think I'm going to get the "Free" version of it, no scent, the scent of this isn't bad but it's very strong and covers up his yummy Dreft smell lol so I'm going to get the free one to see if that fixes that...hopefully it works as well!  

If you have kids you definitely need this!!  It is by far the best stain remover I've used...I've tried all different sprays and nothing works this well


  1. well for things that can be exposed to sun sun is still a very good stain remover too ^^

  2. Yeah we don't have a line so I can't hang stuff in the sun, but yeah I've heard it's great...lots of people do it for diapers