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Monday, August 22, 2011

A big week!

First, a short update on Preston.  He will be 12wks on Tuesday!!!  He's coming up on 13lbs now, he's about 12lbs 12oz or so.  He's becoming much more aware of things going on around him.  He has started following things with his eyes and smiling socially lots more!!!  He seems pretty close to giggling too, it's adorable.  The past few days he's stayed awake a lot longer during the day, up until now he's still slept like a newborn, really only up maybe a couple hours total all day long.  But today he was awake a lot of the day.  Today I think he noticed Maggie for the first time.  He was having some tummy time and I was laying down there with him and she came up to lay with us and he was just amazed by her, staring at her walking around.  I told her "give Preston kisses" so she carefully crawled up to him and kissed his face!!!!  It was adorable!  She totally understands us, it's amazing really lol.  He's been sleeping great too!  He goes to bed around 8pm and then sleeps 7-9hrs then wakes to eat then wakes about every 2-4hrs after that to eat again.  

Now on to our busy week!

Tomorrow is Landon's first day of 3rd grade and Casen's first day of 1st grade!!!!!! They are SO excited!  I'm going to take them to school and walk them to class the first few days, pics will be coming tomorrow of course.  I'm a little sad I won't be home when they get out of school tomorrow because tomorrow is also Preston's urology appt, FINALLY!!  I'm really excited, yet nervous.  I really hope we get some kind of answers, at least some "maybes".  What could possibly be going on, at this point we really have no idea.  

Tuesday I have a breastfeeding get together thing, that should be interesting.  

Wed is Hayden's first day of school!!!!  

Thursday is Hayden's first day of gymnastics!  Then Thursday night I get to go pick up Nikki from the airport...she is finally coming to meet us!!  Can't wait for her to get here, should be a fun few weeks.  

Then Friday Hayden has school again and the boys will be in school so since she will have traveled so many hours the day before we will probably just hang out around the house.  (she's coming from New Zealand for anyone who doesn't know)

Sunday we will be going baby clothes shopping with Dessa, yay!!!

I got Landon and Casen signed up for baseball and Hayden for soccer so those practices should be starting soon.  It's going to be a crazy next few weeks!  Can't wait!

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