My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bring Supplies Night

Tonight was the boys "bring supplies night" at their school.  They get to bring all of their supplies, meet their teacher and see their classroom.  First we looked to see who their teachers were...Casen was hoping for Mr. Bruce but turns out he moved to another school, he got Mrs. Rodriguez.  Landon didn't necessarily want any particular teacher but did NOT want one, he didn't get her so yay!  He got Mrs. Naizer.  We then picked up their school supplies.  We order it at the end of each school year for the next year so they get everything they need.  Seriously, best idea ever.  The boys don't care about what types of things they have, they aren't allowed character stuff anyway it's supposed to be solid colors and particular colors so really it's not even fun to pick the stuff out so this is just so much easier.  

We then went and met Landon's teacher.  She seemed VERY nice.  He has a lot of friends from last year in his class, including his best friend.  He is more excited about school starting back now, he wasn't ready to go back before tonight.

We then went and met Casen's teacher who also seemed very nice.  She had a little cup with things for each of the kids, including a pencil, Casen asked if there was somewhere he could sharpen it, he's ready to work Casen.  She said make sure he brings it on Monday and she'll get it sharpened then and he can use it...he can't wait.  

When we left Hayden got really excited thinking we were going to his school next, but we weren't.  He is very excited about starting preschool.  He's going to be very sad on Monday when the boys go to school and he has to wait 2 days after that to go to his first day.  

Thinking it's going to be a really good school year!


  1. Thats interesting, so you meet the teachers about a couple of days ahead so they know what they need?. Also you change teachers and classes every year? . I know that here , the primary school has one class teacher for all 4 years and once class too . (in later schools they may change every two years)

  2. Yeah you get a new teacher every year. We found out their teachers and met them last night, the 18th, then they start school on Monday the 22nd. We've known what they need though for awhile, all the stores around us have supply lists out so you can buy everything, last night was to bring that stuff you bought. We ordered a prepacked thing though that had all his supplies except his backpack and lunch box already in it, picked that up in the gym and dropped it off in his classroom:)