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Monday, August 1, 2011

Menu Aug 1-6th

Menu time!!  Just finished planning it, I'm doing a lot of crock pot recipes this week for a couple of reasons.  1 because soccer and baseball will start soon so we won't be home until late in the evening on school nights so I will need something already ready for us to eat and 2 because it's SO hot here still (31 days over 100, yay. not.) that I don't really want the oven on if I can avoid it.  Hopefully we like these, they are new to us

Easy Breakfast Casserole (we have made this before but Mark wants it again)

I'm going to look at HEB this week for the wonton wrappers for Mini Tacos since Walmart didn't have them last week
We will have sandwiches the rest of the week, or leftovers

By request of the boys Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Chewy Granola Balls (this week I have cherry vanilla granola and dried cranberries for this)
Fresh fruit of course
We still have quite a bit of the bananas foster crunch mix
crackers and cheese
apple stix (same brand as veggie stix, they love them)
pirates booty

Since yesterday's dinner plans didn't happen we will have Ranch-Parm Chicken with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and pan seared corn on the cob
Then I joined a group on Baby Center that is all about recipes and there were a couple long threads with crock pot recipes so that's where these are from.  If they are good I'll post the recipes at the end of the week with my review...if you want them before then just leave a comment or send me a message :)
To Die For Roast with mashed potatoes and sunshine carrots
Salsa chicken Tacos with spanish rice and black beans (tonight's dinner and it smells so good!)
Ranch chicken with potatoes and veggies
Cheesy crock pot chicken with rice and veggies
Then for a cheap easy meal we are going to do Hamburger Helper...see I cheat sometimes too :)

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