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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reviews for recipes 8/1-8/6

First!  I'm proud of myself I spent $120 total this week on groceries....that includes everything we ate plus I have 4lbs of chicken leftover for next week's meals because it was on sale at Sprouts so I got extra.  Not bad, my new budget is $150 a week...and up until I just set that I've been spending even more than that so $120 for all of us is great!

 I made most things on the menu for this week.  I was planning to make the Brunch Enchiladas for breakfast this morning but we were out of milk!!  Going to try and make it or maybe the Easy Breakfast Casserole I'm not sure, I'm going to ask Mark and see which he'd rather have.  This time I'm using sausage instead of ham...or maybe I'll use both....I don't have enough ham leftover to use just ham though.

I wasn't able to make it to HEB so I couldn't look there for the wonton wrappers for the Mini Tacos so didn't get those :(  We had sandwiches Mon-Thurs..which BTW the Oscar Meyer cajun chicken breast is really yummy.  On Friday, I wanted to make roasted tomato garlic pasta but couldn't find my garlic ANYWHERE, it was making me crazy because I knew I had some.  So instead I used a jar of alfredo sauce I've had in there for a long time, it was supposed to expire in less than 2mo that's how long it's been in there lol.  I decided I do not like jarred alfredo so I hadn't used it but figured I would before it went bad.  I doctored it up with some ranch dressing mix, ham and made it a little better but still had that yucky jarred taste, none of us ate much of it.  

For dinners though we stuck to the menu, I cooked every night, yay!  I did cancel the Ranch Parm chicken because it's been SO hot I wanted to avoid using the oven as much as possible.  Monday we had salsa chicken tacos, the meat was made in the crock pot.  It was a huge hit!  Everyone loved it!  I will definitely make this one again...maybe even this next week, very yummy.  Tuesday we had To Die For Roast in the crock pot...again very yummy!!!  Mark, especially, really loved it.  Will be one I make again, for sure.  Wed I was out all day because of Preston's dr appt then seeing people while out in Arlington/Mansfield.  I didn't get home until late so we made the boys their request.  And I made me and Mark chicken corden bleu...the frozen kind which he LOVES.  I cheated on Thurs too, but it was a planned cheat haha, I made hamburger helper.  Someone told me the cheesy hashbrown was the best...ehhh it's alright, probably won't get it again.  Then last night we had Cheesy Crock pot chicken over rice with veggies.  We've had that one before, good, really easy to throw together and I always have the ingredients on hand.  I had planned to make Ranch chicken in the crock pot but when I made Mark the grocery list, he went shopping on Monday, I forgot to put TWO packets of ranch, I needed it for the roast too.  I thought I had and searched the kitchen, everywhere!   But nope, found out later I only told him to get one...oops.  So we had the cheesy crock pot chicken instead.  Oh yeah and he also was able to find my garlic that I had wanted earlier that day...I felt stupid.  

Ok, I think that was all the new stuff...let me know if you want any of those recipes, they were ones I found just from people or in magazines so there is no link for them :)

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