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Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Monday

Today was Landon and Casen's first day of school.  They both had a great day!!!!  They both really like their teacher and have quite a few kids in their class from last year and made new friends, too.  

Casen outside of his classroom

And at his desk

Landon outside of his classroom

At his desk

They rode the bus home today so Casen had a little sticker on him with his name and bus number.  He pulled it off when he got home and said he didn't like it then said he told his teacher "I'm too old for this stuff"  hahaha I love that kid, he's so blunt, it's hilarious.  But they had good days, it's going to be a good school year :)

Preston had his urology appt today for his kidneys.  We didn't really find anything out, just what we already knew, but his dr ordered some tests to find out which of 3 things is going on.  Most likely it's reflux just based on what they saw in the u/s before, they are doing a test called a VCUG where they put in a catheter and take xrays of the valves inside to see if they are closing properly.  If not, it's reflux and then it's us seeing how bad it is.  If it's mild they will put him on a daily antibiotic to hopefully prevent any kidney infections from the urine backing into his kidneys...if it's more severe we will have to discuss surgery.  Then he is having another test done where they will put dye in through an IV and see how long it takes to pass through the kidneys and into his bladder...checking for an obstruction.  Same thing for that...if it's mild we will just wait and let it resolve itself (no antibiotic though) and if it's more severe he might need surgery.  But then it's possible it's not any of those things and his kidneys are just swollen for no apparent reason so we would just repeat another u/s at about 6mo to see if it's resolved yet then go from there.  He thinks the pain he had a few weeks back was probably a mild kidney infection....which would go along with reflux too.  We will have the appt on Sept 16th then meet back with his urologist on Oct 24th to see where we go from there.  Praying that whatever it is is mild and he won't require surgery.  

On the way home he had a dirty diaper...I know, I know, more poo stories....well I swear this child ONLY poops while in the car...ONLY.  Does anyone else's kid only go in one place??? It's the strangest thing.  And it had been over a week since he had last gone...let's just say...MESS.

Oh and also on the way home he started making this noise, I can't even describe it but it was obvious that he was having a hard time breathing...I was driving down the highway so immediately started pulling over and then he started gasping a few times then started screaming!  I finally got stopped then and went to check on him and he was crying bad but his color was ok...very red from crying but didn't seem too purple(he is purplish a lot of the time).  But just from the sounds I'm almost positive he stopped breathing for a min just don't know why he would have, it was like he stopped then starting making a weird noise then gasping for was scary.  But he seems ok right now.  The urologist actually asked about his general health, I told him briefly about his NICU stay so he asked how his lungs were now and I told him how he's often purplish and he has actually turned purple once and his feet bright blue once too and that our pedi just blew me off saying that he's 2mo now that his lungs were a newborn issue and he's fine but that the NICU had told us it'd take around 2yrs and he agreed with the NICU saying that it takes a long time for lungs to fully heal and was very surprised that our pedi blew me off like that...

He's worn out from his dr appt and napping right now, the boys just had a snack and are watching some tv relaxing from school.  Dinner is smelling amazing cooking away in the crock pot (to die for roast...and it is to die for, so good!).  

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