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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preston's 2mo appt

It went pretty good.  I had all 4 boys with me, no help, and they were going nuts!  They kept fighting and had way too much energy. When the nurse came in they started fighting, when the dr came in they started fighting so I was seriously distracted.  

He is 11lbs 10oz (35th%), 23.5in (68th%) and his head is 39cm (25th%)

When the nurse was in there she said "he's smiling and cooing now right?" I said no.  So she put that in her computer (that's what they use for charts).  Then she said "but he is following you with his eyes now right?" nope.  BUT the dr didn't mention it when she came in and I was so distracted I forgot to ask!  So mad at myself for that.  I also forgot to ask about his legs.  Forgot to mention the reflux, but that's ok because I don't want him on meds for it anyway.  I also almost forgot to talk about how his feet turned blue but I did remember.  I told her about it and then said that it really scared us from his past lung issues.  She said not to worry about his lung issues anymore, that was a newborn thing and he's 2mo now and fine.  Umm what???  She didn't see him while he was sick but did get a copy of his discharge paperwork, we gave that to her 2 days after his discharge.  But the NICU drs said the complete opposite.  Yes it's something he should outgrow with time, his lungs are still healing but by 2yrs old he should be normal....NOT 2mo.  And I don't know if she just doesn't remember how sick he was since she didn't see him in that time and we haven't been going there long or what but I'm definitely going with the NICU drs on this one.  I also said that they had told us he needs to be seen at the first sign of illness instead of letting him try and fight it off, especially if it's respiratory....she said that's not really true either.  Yeah, again, going with the NICU drs.  So that really turned me off of her but up until then I've really liked her.  Today she seemed really rushed though.  She said his purple look is his way of showing temp...which I'm not sure I agree with seeing he looks that way when there is just NO WAY he's cold sometimes.  She said she thinks his pain this weekend was some severe gas issues because she could hear it in his belly today and she said some babies get it so bad that if you touch their stomach it really hurts.  I hope that's true and it wasn't his kidneys.  He's better now so that's good, we see the urologist on the 22nd so I will mention it to them too to see what they think. 

The vaccines actually went really well.  Well the lack of vaccines lol.  At every office we've been to before this one we've had to sign a paper that is worded in a way like we are putting our kids in danger and I've heard of some pediatricians turning those papers around on parents and turning them into CPS like they admitted neglect or something!  I have always marked out parts of those papers changing it so it is worded where the vaccines could cause all these horrible things, not not getting the protect ourselves.  This paper was nothing like that though.  It just said that we understand the risks and benefits of the vaccines and our dr explained it to us and therefore we release them from any liability if our kids get sick from these illnesses...just saying they did their job and we still chose not to.  Nothing bad about not getting them!  then we were of course given a vaccine sheet and one full page explained the diseases and why you want the vaccines but then there was almost a full page of all the risks!!!! I've never seen an office actually give equal information on both sides.  Usually they play down the risks big time and act like there really are not risks.  The dr asked if we planned on giving vaccines later and I said no not at this point and that was the end, no pushing, it was great.  

So overall he's doing great :)

After that we met my mom for lunch then went and picked up Dessa and went to the grocery store to get stuff so I could teach her to make baked ziti.  Before we started cooking though we met up with Heather and Alissa for some frozen yogurt.  The boys loved it, they got to pick their flavor and toppings...said it was delicious and they of course loved seeing Alissa.  It was nice spending some time with Heather too :)  We then went back to Dessa's to cook her baked ziti and she did great.  They said it turned out good, we left when we got it in the oven so I could get the boys home.  

Having Preston out past his bedtime is not a good idea.  I have never had a baby that set a routine for himself this early.  But Preston seems to thrive on a sleeping routine, he eats when he wants but sleep, he needs a lot of it.  Every night he goes down between 7:30 and 8...we didn't leave Dessa's until a little after 8.  He was not a happy baby.  He was fussy before we left her house but screamed in the car.  I pulled over and nursed him and he calmed down until we got back in the car...pulled over 2 more times with no luck, he wouldn't stay calmed down.  So I put on this CD I have from our church's band, there is a song on there that I like to sing and sang it a lot at the end of my pregnancy.  I put that on and about 20-30sec into singing it he was quiet.  Just to be sure I sang it 2x lol, but he was out the rest of the way home.  When I got him out of the car he had exploded.  I swear it's like he's trying to ruin the light blue car seat we got him....I"m blaming Christa for saying it was a bad idea haha.  Just about every time we are out i have to bring the infant insert in to wash because he poos out of his diaper.  This one was the worst so far, it was everywhere, he was was gross.  So I got him cleaned up and into pjs then nursed him and laid him in his bed and he just snuggled into his bed, you could tell that's what he was wanting...gave him his paci and turned out the light and he went right to sleep.  He is seriously such an awesome baby. He puts himself to sleep a lot though sometimes he does want me to hold him and rock him.  He never falls asleep nursing, well he does sometimes in the middle of the night...we both fall asleep nursing lol.  But he does so well with it.  None of the other boys were that good with going to sleep.  Landon slept through earlier than him but he was on formula.  But last night Preston did almost 8.5hrs!!!!!!!  AMAZING!!!  Casen and Hayden (also breastfed) didn't sleep more than 2-3hrs at the very most until they were SO much older (11mo for Casen and 15mo for Hayden).

Preston is great :)  

Waiting for the dr 

The ridiculous temps we've been having...INSANE!!

Trying to cool off at Aunt Dessa's, he was just miserable in this heat

My gorgeous sister, 16wks pregnant!!  We find out what she's having soon!

Still trying to cool off

He got heat rash

Napping while we had frozen yogurt

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  1. Glad he is growing well. I would have been unhappy about being rushed too.