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Monday, September 12, 2011

The boys first game of the fall!

Tonight was the boys first baseball game of the fall!  They are on the Tigers this season and it's Casen's first season playing coach pitch...and Landon's last.  We put them on the same team for the first time, they are excited about it.  

Landon is having a bit of a hard time with it just because it's the first time since starting baseball that he hasn't been on Freddy's team, kept saying he didn't want to play but I think he had a good game and it'll be fine.  We did run into Freddy at the game tonight and he said in the spring he'll pick him back up...if he's still coaching.  

Casen is doing well at practices so far, he's been able to hit each time he's practiced batting.  But at tonight's game he did almost NOTHING!   I was so annoyed.  We played 4 innings, 3 of which Casen was sat on the bench and he only batted once.  The 3rd time the coach had Casen sit out I confronted him about it, I was not happy, he said he'd play next inning but there wasn't a next inning.  I'm hoping at the next few practices Casen will get a chance to show he knows how to play!  

The ended up losing but they did play a select team, they held their own for awhile there but the last inning that team just crushed them, the final score was 8-0.  Landon did get the last out of one of the innings though!!!  He played a good game, only batted once and struck out but it's first game and he took a season off so he just needs to get back in the swing of things.  

Grumpy about sitting out most of the game?


Casen's first time up to bat!

Landon batting

Hayden watching the game

Preston's first ever baseball game!!!

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