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Friday, November 18, 2011

A long 24 hours

Well it started about 4:30pm yesterday.  Preston had been fussy all day and had a runny nose, but it was clear, so didn't think much of it.  I picked him up from playing on his playmat to put him down for a nap and he felt really cold.  Like REALLY cold.  So I decided to take his temp and it was 96.7.  I put him in a long sleeve onesie, socks and then a really warm fleece footed sleeper over that and a hat.  Put him down for a nap in his bed with 2 very warm blankets tucked all around him.  By the time he was down it was 5pm.  He normally has a nap around that time but it only lasts and hour max then he goes to bed for the night at about 7:30-8pm.  Well he slept for about 5.5hrs!  Couldn't believe he went to bed at 5pm.  When I got him up he was ready to nurse, obviously, so I fed him with a blanket over him then undressed him to change his diaper and check his temp....95.3.  After hours of being bundled like that.  

I gave him to Mark because he always produces a lot of body heat so he did skin to skin with him for awhile with blankets over them but he was really fidgety so Mark felt like he wasn't staying warm enough undressed against him so he dressed him again and just held him on his chest with a blanket and they both fell asleep together

I took the blanket off just long enough to take this pic

I got Preston to put him in his bed but took his temp again to see if it had helped and it was at 95.9.  I went ahead and put him to bed.  Mark went to bed soon after.  I was getting ready for bed at about midnight but was really worried about him so I went and took his temp again...bundled under lots of blankets...and it was 96.3.  So I decided to call our nurse hotline and waited forever for a nurse to finally call me back.  After lots of questions, one being "has he ever been diagnosed with diabetes?" (talk about freaking a mom out) she said he needed to go to the ER, so I woke Preston and we headed up there.  

They took us straight into triage with no wait and took his temp and it was 96.2 so he was taken straight to a room to see a dr.  They did check his oxygen levels and they were fine so that's good.  The dr wanted to test for RSV (since he is preemie) so had to have respiratory come down to do that, so we had to wait a bit to do that.  Meanwhile, they brought us 2 really big/thick blankets from the warmer to wrap him in to try and get his temp up.  

Respiratory finally got there to do the test, which was just sucking some snot out and having that tested for the virus.  They said it would take about 1hr for the results, that was at 2:45am.  They brought us another warm blanket to wrap him in because the others were no longer warm

Sweet baby was so exhausted

Soon after that the nurse came back and checked his temp again and it was up to 98!!!!  The RSV test thankfully came back negative and they let us go.  They said that he is either about to get sick and that's why his temp is so low OR it's from him being premature and he just isn't able to regulate his body temp very well.  We were told as long as his temp is above 97 not to do anything, but if it drops below 97 to warm blankets in the dryer and wrap him up.  If he doesn't warm to 97 or above within 30min-1hr to take him back to the ER or if his temp drops below 95.  

We finally got home at 3:45am and on the way home I remembered that I was supposed to make fruit salad for Hayden's school, they had a Thanksgiving feast today.  UGH!  I was so tired just wanted to sleep.  I put Preston to bed as soon as we got home and went and made the fruit salad.  

After that it was like 4:20am and I am supposed to wake up to get Landon and Casen to school at 6:30!!  I decided there was just no way, Mark had been in bed since 11pm.  So I got clothes for all 3 boys laid out on the couch with shoes, backpacks and jackets all ready.  Finally laid down at 4:30 and woke Mark up to let him know he was going to have to get up to get the boys to school and then again to get Hayden to school, I had to sleep.  When I got to our room Preston woke again, after less than an hour of sleep!  Took him to bed with me and nursed him and he was up every hour until about 8am nursing again...I thought I was going to lose my mind I was just so tired.  Mark was really late getting Hayden to school :|  But oh well everyone got there and Mark went to work.  Preston finally fell asleep for about 2hrs so I got a little more sleep then we got up and took a shower and got ready for the day.  

Preston has been really fussy all day but his temp has been better.  Earlier though I took it and it was 100!  So I'm pretty sure he's going to end up sick.  Right now it's back to normal but he's incredibly fussy tonight, he is obviously not feeling well so we'll have to just watch and see what happens.  At least I know he doesn't have RSV, hopefully whatever he seems to be coming down with isn't respiratory.  

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