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Saturday, September 1, 2012

School Lunches Week 1

Ever since I showed pics of some of the boys lunches 2 school years ago I've had so many of my friends ask for me to post pics of them again.  I didn't really do it last year because adjusting to having 4 kids and everything else going on I ended up not making them as often I would have liked or when I did it was nothing that great so I didn't take pics.  But I'm going to try this year to do it again :)  

You'd think I would have been really prepared for the first week of school, but I wasn't.  I was so busy the weekend before school started that I didn't make a good list/menu and so it wasn't that great but the boys actually really enjoyed them.  I won't be doing as many recipes this year because most that I did 2yrs ago were supposed to be warm and I found that most of them the boys didn't like cold and they have no way of warming food at lunch.  I do hope to find a good thermos that will keep food hot so I can do soups, maybe something like pasta and sauces, etc.  But I have to find one that will actually keep it warm from when they leave the house about 6:50 until they eat at 11:30 and far I haven't found anything.  It also has to be microwaveable so I can pack it the night before and then warm it up in the morning and then it will hold the heat...or I guess I could warm it in another container and put it in that.  If you know of any that will really keep it warm let me know, please!

So anyway, I've been posting them daily on Facebook but I'm going to put them all in one blog at the end of each week.  Hopefully it'll give you some new ideas for your kid's lunches.  And I love hearing what other parents are doing too because I'm always looking for new ideas for their lunches!

First of all, let me tell you about their lunch boxes this year.  We decided on Goodbyn and so far I'm loving them!!  They are by far the best we've tried, I love all the compartments, they are very easy to clean (I've been hand washing but they are dishwasher safe).  The boys loved that they came with sticker to decorate and personalize them (which are also dishwasher safe). The only thing I don't like is they are a little hard for Hayden to open, but he's eating lunch at home (but still packed because he loves his lunchbox) so I'm able to help him open and close it.  Landon and Casen manage with no issues and so far they've fully sealed it back each day so no messes in their insulated bags.  The other thing was it was very hard to find an insulated bag big enough, the ones we got technically aren't quite big enough but they work and have kept their food cold with an ice pack until they do their job even though they are a little too small.  The water bottles that come with are great, they don't leak at all!  

Here are the boys decorated boxes :)


His water bottle (says Haydy on one side)



Preston's..his is the Bynto size, the boys are the original size

Even the Bynto comes with stickers and a water bottle though

Ok and here are the first week's lunches!  

Day 1

Landon's lunch- Apple Cinnamon Muffin, Babybel Cheese, in the container is applesauce, carrots, grapes, sandwich on whole wheat thin with turkey and muenster cheese, freeze dried tropical fruit mix with milk to drink

Casen's- turkey rolled up on a pick with a grape, babybel cheese, carrots, grapes, apple cinnamon muffin, applesauce, freeze dried tropical fruit mix with milk to drink

Hayden's- turkey rolled up on a pick with grapes, babybel cheese, carrots, pickles, apple cinnamon muffins, applesauce in the container, freeze dried tropical fruit mix with almond milk to drink

Day 2

Landon's- In the container is yogurt, whole wheat thin with turkey and muenster cheese, carrots, strawberry fruit twists, hard boiled egg, cantaloupe strawberries and grapes. Milk to drink. They did ask for me not to send the eggs anymore, they like them but they stink when they open their lunch boxes haha

Hayden decided after the first day to eat at home with me, rather than at school, but he wants his lunches still in his lunch box and would like me to make one for Preston in his so they can eat together. 

So here is Preston's- carrots, hard boiled egg, turkey, fruit salad of cantaloupe strawberries and grapes

Hayden's lunch, Casen's was pretty much the same- Turkey rolled up on picks, in the container his Hayden's soy yogurt (Casen had regular), carrots, fruit twists, babybel cheese, fruit salad of grapes strawberries and cantaloupe.  In his water bottle was his soy/fruit protein drink..Casen had a milk box

Day 3

Pic of Hayden's lunch, but again, him and Casen had pretty much the same- cantaloupe, dino shaped turkey and muenster cheese sandwiches, black olives (Casen had strawberries instead), yogurt granola bar (Casen had an oatmeal raisin trail mix the one pictured in Landon's lunch for this day), homemade cookie from Grandpa Henry, kabobs of grapes and cheese, applesauce in the container, almond milk to drink (casen had regular milk)

Landon- sandwich on a whole wheat thin of turkey and muenster cheese, homemade cookie from Grandpa Henry, oatmeal raisin trail mix bar, strawberries, kabobs of grapes and cheese, applesauce in the container, cantaloupe with milk to drink

Preston's- a mix of what the others had.  He only ate the sandwich and some grapes, I couldn't believe he ate the grapes because he usually won't eat things like that, like he wouldn't touch the other stuff because it was wet/sticky feeling

Day 4

All had the same so only one pic- apples (which I soaked in pineapple juice so they wouldn't turn brown...worked perfectly!!!! They don't like it when I do it with lemon juice because it makes them too tart, the pineapple juice was perfect!) cubed cheese with a pic, carrots, fruit twists, pineapple, shaped graham crackers, nutella on whole wheat thin, peanut butter for grahams and apples.  Watered down apple juice to drink

Day 5

All the same- kabobs of chicken and cheese, half a whole wheat thin with nutella, veggie straws, peanut butter, cantaloupe and strawberries, strawberry dessert "pizza" and apples.  The pizza ended up getting gooey and gross from the moisture.  I'm going to try it again because I know they'll love it but I think I might put it in it's own baggy in the box so moisture doesn't get on it.  The sections are sealed really well but just from being cold it makes some condensation so it ended up wet.  Watered down apple juice to drink

The boys had a great first week back to school, I hope your kids did too!

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