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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Preston is 15mo old!

Can you believe it?  I know I definitely can't!  The past 15mo have gone by so quickly!  He's growing way too quickly and needs to slow down.  :( 

He is such a sweet little man!  He had his 15mo appt today and is now 21lbs exactly (8th%) and 30in (22nd%).  He's our little man but growing very well.  He isn't walking yet but is taking steps and getting more and more confident every won't be long!  He's not really talking either..he says mama, dada, bubba (to Landon) and gugga (to Casen).  He started repeating bye bye this week but hasn't started using it correctly, he's just mimicking so I haven't really counted that.  But he is babbling a ton and wants to communicate so I do think it'll come soon but for now he's not really talking.  He is picking up signs really quickly though!  He is regularly using more, eat, drink, milk, he waves to go night night..he understands thank you and is starting to use it when prompted but not on his own yet.  I looked up a bunch more signs this week to introduce to him...things like please, yes, no, cookie, hurt, hungry, thirsty and a few more.  

At his appt today we found out his right ear is infected :(  He's also teething like CRAZY, he's getting the rest of his teeth right now.  He's got about 8 teeth coming in, I believe?  After they finish that should be it until his 2yr molars, so he has a mouth full!  He's a little pig and loves to eat.  He is a little weird about textures, he will almost never touch anything wet, sticky, gooey..anything like that.  But what he does eat he eats tons of and always has to have what everyone is eating.  He's mastered a sippy cup and drinks 1 maybe 2 cups of milk (cow's, coconut or almond) a day and then at least 2 cups (if not more) of water a day.  He is still nursing, yay!  He's at about 4-5 nursing sessions a day.  He always signs for milk when he wants to nurse now, finally stopped ripping my shirt off haha.  

Mark is trying to convince me to cut his hair but I just can't do it.  The back where it's getting longer is curly!!!  I can't cut off those curls!  The top is finally evening out more so it doesn't look as bad haha but before he had quite a bit in the back and very little on top...almost a baby mullet.  But I think he'll be adorable with a bit longer, shaggy type hair style with all those curls!  Love it!  

He is absolutely spoiled by his brothers. They adore him, and him them!  He has an extra special bond with Landon though.  He is one lucky baby because they are just awesome big brothers.  They are always aware of him, every time one of them walks by him they stop and hug or kiss him, they play with him all the time, share food with them all the time, carry him all over.  They took him up the slides at a bounce house place the other day which he LOVED!  It was his first time.  He's one very lucky little boy and I'm definitely one very blessed mama to have such awesome little boys!  

Anyway, his appt went well.  We should be getting a referral for a new urologist next week, we had to change because his doesn't take his new insurance.  He was supposed to be seen right after he turned 1 but we've been waiting for the referral.  Hopefully we get good news and his kidneys have healed themselves, or at least haven't gotten any worse!  He is being referred to ECI because of the texture thing with eating, not talking and not walking yet.  They just want to be extra careful since he's a preemie that we don't let him get too far behind, earlier we get help (if it's needed) the better.  

He is still rear facing, of course!  And will remain that way until a minimum of 3yrs old, longer if possible

Oh and we are finally back to cloth diapers!  I got so lazy with it for a few months there.  But he's back in cloth all day long but we use a disposable at night.  It's just easier, he doesn't like being wet and they feel more wet in the cloth so I don't want to disturb his sleep by using the cloth.  Plus I have a huge box to use up.  But he's full time cloth again during the day, yay!  Oh and as far as sleep, probably 50% of the time, sometimes more but sometimes (like now with his ear and teething) he'll wake more often.  But if he wakes once a night if he does, and it's always just to nurse and go right back to sleep.  

Maggie has suddenly over the past month or so decided she loves him!  Before she was very protective over him but wouldn't go near him, babies seem to scare her.  She's awesome with kids but keeps away from babies.  The most she'd do is sniff a bit then get away..ever since he came home.  But suddenly a month or so ago she started following him everywhere.  Kissing on him all the time, laying next to him.  Just being really attentive and super sweet to him.  He now just loves her, I think they'll be buddies

Well, I suppose that's all!  Long update!  

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