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Friday, June 1, 2012

Preston is one today!!!!!

As of 9:30pm tonight, May 31st, Preston was a year old!!!!!  I really can't believe it, this year has gone by faster than ever.  It makes me so sad that he is already 1, I've never really been sad with the other boys.  He's turning into a toddler :(  

From a 7lb 1oz 20in baby 

To a 19lbs 3oz 28in little man

He's now walking well with furniture and this past week has finally started letting us walk with him, holding his hands.  He used to cry when we'd try but now he's figured it out and loves it!  He is a pig and eats everything in sight!  It's surprising he's so small because he eats SO much food!  He's still nursing 3-5x a day and we will continue for hopefully the next year, until he self weans.  He's teething like crazy and has had 5 teeth break through just in the past couple weeks, he now has 11 teeth.  He can say mama, dada, bubba, gugga (Casen), up (though doesn't say it much anymore), more, he's said bye bye a couple times and night night a couple times.  He's not really signing much because he's trying to talk a lot.  

He had his 1yr check up today and it went pretty well.  He still has his heart murmur so they are sending him to a cardiologist, usually it's resolved by a year.  Plus, his weight and height have gone from the 50th% about 5-6mo ago to now it's below the 10th%.  He also wears out easily it seems, he needs a lot of sleep.  So she wants him checked due to all of his past history, make sure everything is ok.  

He sees his urologist for a 1yr follow up next week, hopefully his kidneys look better and not worse.  He gets mild fevers every couple of weeks so I'm really hoping thats not UTIs because that would be causing more damage to his kidneys.  They said that usually they get a high fever but if this is a constant thing maybe not.  With the fevers he doesn't ever act sick but I have noticed he doesn't pee very much when he has them.  Praying everything is looking better then. 

He also has a follow up with his developmental pediatrician but I think that's not until July :)  

I've spent what free time I have had the past few days working on this first year video of him.  He's grown so much <3

The video doesn't seem to be working so I'll upload it tomorrow

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