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Monday, July 11, 2011

My 6wk PP visit

Well I have the all clear!!!  My blood pressure is back to normal and I'm completely healthy so yay!!!  I have been off my meds for a couple of weeks now and at the visit today my BP was 110/ perfect.  He did my pap smear and all that and those results should be back in a couple days so I set up to have my IUD put in on Friday.

After my appt I went and bought Preston a scale so I can keep up with his weight.  He seems to have gone through a growth spurt..they normally have one at 3wks but he didn't seem to have one until like 4.5wks.  To me the past few days he definitely seems bigger...but he's still in newborn clothing though finally starting to outgrow things the past few days and I think the next pack of disposables I buy I will get size one, he's been in newborn still.  But the scale said he was 9lbs 10oz right after feeding :)  So he's growing really well, slower than the boys, but still well :)  He has gained about 2lbs since we brought him home from the hospital almost 4wks ago!  The other boys were all well over 12lbs by 2mo, I don't think Preston will be near that though.

The past few days he's started spacing his feeds more.  He was doing every 3hrs for awhile but when we got him home from the hospital we started just breastfeeding and doing on demand so he started wanting it about every 2-2.5hrs, sometimes after just an hour and rarely at 3hrs.  Well the past few days he's been doing almost all feeds at 3+hrs, most about 4hrs!  His longest stretch so far has been 4hrs 40min.  I wonder if he'll be my first breastfed baby to sleep through the night!  One can only hope lol

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