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Friday, July 29, 2011

Preston is ticklish

Ok I looked back and I forgot to post about this!  

On Tuesday Preston was 8wks!!  That evening Mark was holding him and started tickling his sides, just rubbing his sides softly with his finger tips and Preston started squirming then he started smiling a little!!!  It was so cute, he was very obviously ticklish <3  He still won't smile as a response to us talking to him or him looking at us and smiling but he did react to Mark tickling him.  Then this morning I woke up to him talking to my pillow and smiling at it!!!!  It was so adorable, what a way to wake up <3  

So now he rolls from tummy to back and is smiling some in response to certain things, he's progressing.  I hope he start smiling when he sees us or hears us talking to him soon.  

I got these pics the other day of Mark tickling him

Looking up at Daddy

Casen is so sweet with him BUT he makes us absolutely crazy because he can't just leave him alone.  He is always in his face kissing him and hugging him.  Which is sweet, yes, but wouldn't it be annoying to you to always have someone in your face?  He annoys Preston sometimes because he does it ALL.THE.TIME.  He tells us "I can't help it", "he's so cute I just have to kiss him", "I can't stop".  Again cute/sweet but man kid give him a break lol.  But here again he was in his face then posed for this pic and this is what I got, Preston's little lip all pouty haha

Little smile

Another little smile

And crazy Daddy with baby Preston

These are also from Tuesday...Happy 8wks little man!!!

This is him in that same outfit at exactly 6wks

And same outfit at 3.5wks

He is getting so big, it's going way too fast!  He is now exactly 11lbs as of today!  He will be 2mo in just a couple of days, I really can't believe it.  

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  1. Preston is getting big, and he is looking amazing Beth! No worries about his development, lol he may just take a little longer than the rest of your boys. He is a handsome little guy just like his brothers, but he gets it honestly from his parents!