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Thursday, July 21, 2011

More dr appts

Back to the dr again today!  I can't remember if I updated on here that we got the results back from the cultures taken for Preston's eye at the ER.  They called me this weekend to let me know it was staph so that after he finished the antibiotics we needed to have him rechecked to be sure that it was really gone.  So today I took him back to his pediatrician to have that done.  She said since he wasn't having any drainage she couldn't even do the cultures but if he's not having drainage we can safely assume that it's gone.  BUT she did say if he starts having it again to not treat it just as normal blocked tear duct to have him seen right away so we can be sure staph isn't back again.  

While we were there I had Casen seen, too.  He has this stuff behind his ear, there are a few dry patches but then at the crease where the back of his ear meets his head it's VERY dry and cracks open then he has it inside his ear too.  He also has patches on his butt, one on his back and 2 on the back of one of his legs.  Then this weekend we found out it's on his head too and it's been itching and he picks at it and caused it to bleed.  She re-diagnosed him with eczema...which he had as a baby but it went away, he has dry skin, very sensitive skin and the stuff on his head is like cradle cap.  She said she sees the patches on the butt fairly often in kids with skin like his in the summer because they are sweating, their undies rub and the detergent residue can do that.  So she suggested moving him back to Dreft for his clothes, move him to Dove soap with Cetaphil cream daily, hydrocortisone cream on every spot 1-2x a day and then medicated shampoo for his head.  Hopefully that all helps.  We have to watch and be sure he isn't picking at his head anymore, though I never saw him do it in the first place, I think he does it as he's falling asleep....but we don't want it getting infected.  Casen knows what infected means because he saw Preston's eye of course and we told him how it was infected and explained all that to him so now when she said that about his skin getting infected from him picking at it or scratching I think that will stick and he won't do it lol.  But he's fine, it's nothing serious so that's good.

Preston waiting on the dr

Casen waiting


Hayden loving on Preston

After that we went and picked up Dessa and had lunch then visited with Aunt Gigi for a few hours.  Another really nice day out of the house, sooooo glad I'm getting out of the house more.  The boys fell asleep on the ride home and as soon as we got home they walked straight to their beds and went right back to sleep...was pretty nice.  Tomorrow Landon's friend, Kolten, from baseball is coming over with Kadrie, his little sister who casen and Hayden play with all the time at baseball.  The boys are really excited to have friends come over but refused to clean their rooms and I just didn't have time to fight with them and get it done.  Ok they didn't "refuse" they just played instead of actually cleaning.  So I told them since they didn't get it done then their friends are going to see it like that and probably think they are super messy kids to live like that.  Maybe the embarrassment will make them want to keep it clean after that....probably not.

But Friday Landon leaves for camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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