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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 weeks old!!!!

Happy 6 weeks little man!!

Really can't believe how fast these past 6wks have gone!  As of tomorrow (wed) it will be 4wks since we brought him home <3  He is doing really well, he is such an awesome baby, we are really lucky.  Though I think we have paid our dues with Casen and Hayden it was time we got a good baby again haha.  Today he's been eating a lot, but the past couple of days he was going 3-4+hrs between feeds!  He did really well last night but then today ate more often, wondering how he'll do tonight, maybe he was preparing for longer stretches tonight.  When he woke up this last time I gave him a bath, massage then nursed him and he's back asleep now...hopefully he'll give me 4hrs but we'll see.  

He gets a bath every other night so I decided I'll do his weight right before his bath each time to keep up with it.  Yesterday he was screaming when I weighed him and got 9lbs 10oz.  Then today I weighed him and got 9lbs 9oz.  But before bath when he was calmest and completely still he was 9lbs 8.5oz and I redid it 3x just to be sure.  So we're going with that and now I'll weigh him before each bath.  But the 9lbs 8.5 oz puts him at the 25th% and a 2lb 2.5oz gain in 4wks since his discharge from the hospital soley on breastfeeding, yay!!  

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