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Friday, July 22, 2011

He's gone to camp!!

Well Landon is gone to camp!!!  

I took him up to the church at 11:30am and we finished up the registration, them making sure we had given them everything then hung out in the atrium until it was time to load up.  All of the kids and parents gathered and we had a quick meeting and prayer and then took them to the bus.  Landon was so excited but got a little nervous when it was time to go.  I think he'll do great though.  I took him outside and he said bye to his brothers and then got on the bus at about 12:15.  I figured we'd wait and watch the bus drive away in a few minutes....a lot of other parents were doing the same.  WELL bus didn't actually leave until 12:45 and by that time me and the boys and then 2 other moms were the only ones left lol.  It was HOT outside, don't know what took them so long.  But I think he was happy we waited and was waving as they drove off.  I really hope he has a great time and doesn't get sad at night.  He has never been away from us more than 24hrs, usually when he stays the night somewhere (which rarely ever happens anyway) it's usually only like 12hrs.  So now he's been gone since 12:45 and won't be home until about noon on Monday.  :(  

Landon hugging Hayden

3 of my boys

Quick meeting

Saying bye to Mommy

One last hug for Casen

And one more for Hayden

Getting on the bus

Bye Landon!!

I really wonder how him and Casen are going to do because since the day Casen has been born they have never spent a night apart.  If they spent the night with Grandma or Aunt Dessa they were always together.  The only time they are every apart are the few hours they are at school

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