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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Follow up appt

Today Preston had his follow up for his eye infection today.  Everything is going great, it's getting better.  Today it was just a little puffy and a little red, not nearly as much discharge.  His pediatrician said to keep up with the drops for a few more days and then keep massaging and doing warm compresses and hopefully it will clear up fully.  She said it may come back and we might have to do all this again.  If it still comes back once he's 6mo she will refer him to an eye dr to see if he needs the tubes.  She said that with the massage, warm compresses and antibiotics that it clears up for 95% of babies that have it.  Hopefully his does too but we know how he is with odds like that, seems like if it can happen to him it will, poor kid.  

After the appt we met my Mom for lunch which was really nice.  We hung out for awhile after we finished eating.  The boys were so well behaved, it was really nice.  Then we went and picked up Dessa at work and I took her home and we hung out about 3hrs at her apartment.  Again, the boys were really good over there.  I think they were really happy to be out of the house all day.  I wish we had more things we could do.  It's been way too hot outside to have the baby out in it lately and not many of my mom friends stay home.  I have to figure out more things to get them out of the house to do.  

We had a really nice day though....need more days like this :)

Hopefully this weekend is as good.  We need to find Landon a sleeping bag and the few other little things he needs for camp.  He leaves next Friday for camp!!!!  He is SO excited!  I'm still nervous but really excited for him.  I need to look at the paper of things he can bring and things he can't, see if he can have a camera..if he can I'm going to buy him a disposable camera to take.  I know the church is going to be taking lots of pics but I'd like to see some from his point of view you know?  I think it will be good for memories for him too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  BTW dinner tonight was AWESOME :)  I'll do a blog post probably tomorrow with how we liked the things we tried.  I didn't end up making everything that was planned due to some things coming up but hopefully will be making those things next week 

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