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Friday, July 29, 2011

Frozen bananas = huge hit!

Well we can mark one thing off our "Before School Starts Bucket List"....we made the frozen bananas!!  And the boys absolutely loved them, I had one too and I have to say they are really yummy, plus really easy!

All you do is cut 2 bananas in half with the skin still on, slide a popsicle stick in then peel and put in the freezer for about an hour.  Then you melt 1/2c chocolate chips with 1.5tsp of veg oil, 10sec at a time in the microwave, stirring after each 10sec.  Then pick some toppings to use on top of that, we used apple cinnamon granola, cinnamon cheerios and sprinkles...nuts would be good too.  

The boys had a blast making them and loved eating them.

Casen dipping his banana in chocolate

Hayden working on his

Casen chose granola for his topping

Mmmm Landon chose cinnamon cheerios, which is what I chose and they were delicious all together!

Hayden still working on getting chocolate on his, he insisted on doing it all on his own

He chose apple cinnamon granola for his, too

Mmmm yummy!

Warning the chocolate becomes cold on the banana, of course, so it can all slide off in one piece as you can see here lol

Very easy snack though!!  Not too bad for them either, yeah there is some chocolate but if you choose healthy toppings plus the banana it isn't that bad, it's a fun treat that they can make themselves

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