My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of the year baseball party

This Saturday was the end of the year party for Landon's baseball team.  They had it at one of the boy's house that had a pool.  It was really nice and the boys had a lot of fun.  We sat in the shade and for once it actually wasn't too hot was in the high 90s, how ridiculous is it that that actually felt pretty nice! Tired of this crazy hot weather!  But Preston seemed to enjoy getting the fresh air too.  The boys had so much fun swimming!!

We have seriously got to teach them how to swim.  Landon and Casen were the only ones that old that didn't know how to swim.  We just don't swim often and man swim lessons are insanely expensive!!!  Mark is going to try and teach them, and Nikki says she's going to too so hopefully by end of summer they know how!  

But they had a great time yesterday, despite not knowing how to swim.  

Landon with most of his baseball team

So this swimsuit is supposed to fit from 34-55lbs....he is 31lbs lol, no way that thing would fit a 55lb kid!

He really liked the swim suit though, I think he might be the easiest to teach to swim.  


  1. Yep I definitely am going to teach them! Pretty sure I was swimming confidently by Hayden's age... But we're a water country so it's different, and your swim lessons are insanely expensive.

  2. I grew up in a swimming club :) (My granpa was the head for some time) definitely worth it.(and a lot safer too)