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Thursday, July 7, 2011

All about Casen today

Just going to brag on Casen here for a minute.  All of the boys have just been amazing with Preston since he came home, they adore him.  But Casen especially, has taken on the big brother, care-taker roll more than anyone.  He can't stand to hear him cry even for a second.  He wants to hold him all the time.  I swear the kid stops and kisses him 100x a day.  Every time he walks past him he has to stop and kiss him, he needs to know where he's at every second of the day and he's always first to volunteer to tend to him if I'm busy cooking or cleaning and Preston pretty much always calms down as soon as he starts talking to him.  When I'm holding Preston on my chest Casen will kiss his butt lol...I'll make sure to remember that later to tell him when they are older :)

But today was the first time any of them have changed Preston's diaper and Casen was begging to so I let him.  He did a pretty good job and was quite proud of himself.  He picked the cloth diaper himself, took off the old one and put on the new.  I had to re-adjust it so he wouldn't pee right out of it but he did a great job trying.

Casen has always been really big on cooking.  I think because ever since he was a newborn at night I'd lay back in my bed with him and he'd watch cooking shows with me.  But everyday lately he HAS to help me cook everything.  He actually does a really good job though and he knows the number 1 rule....Always taste as you go so you know it will be good when it's finished...he loves that part.  He has to taste every component of a dish then it all together too.  He has really good taste too, like he can tell me it needs more of something....and he's always right.  He says he's going to grow up to be a chef....but also a firefighter, rockstar and a teacher...he'll be a busy man, with lots of kids too he says :)  Us two have been eating tons of watermelon lately, it's pretty ridiculous. I bought 2 on Monday....we've got maybe 1/4 of one left.  Landon and Hayden eat some too but not like me and Casen haha. 

Tonight he was getting ready for bed and I said to Mark, "look at that big belly" about casen and Mark patted it and Casen was smiling all big and then Mark said "oh no Casen!  Did you swallow a watermelon seed??" and Casen said "yes" and I was like "OMG did you really???" and me and Mark were going back and forth messing with him saying it must be growing in his belly and that's why his belly is all big and at first he was laughing then Mark went further and said you are going to have to poo it will be a big watermelon, like the kind you and mommy buy and cut up....omg his eyes got sooooo big, we were practically rolling on the floor laughing.  He was laughing really hard but then started getting tears in his eyes like he was starting to freak was hilarious.  We then told him we were just kidding and he tried to play it off saying he knew we were...oh no he didn't, I saw the panic lol.  Funny stuff.

But everyone is doing well here.  I'm starting to get the hang of 4 kids I think.  I'm pretty proud of myself, I got ALL the laundry in the house done today including everyone's sheets, Preston's diapers and all the clothes/towels.  Not bad :)  The kitchen is clean and the house is completely picked up...well the boys rooms could use some picking up (my goal for tomorrow) and I didn't get a chance to vacuum today like I had planned but I'll do that tomorrow too.  I've also gotten back into cooking a lot which everyone is really enjoying.  I made the boys their absolute favorite snack today...chewy granola balls.  Been cooking dinner every night and trying to actually cook breakfast 2-3 days a week and then making them different things for lunch too.  We've tried a lot of new recipes lately and all but one has been a big hit.  I love trying new things, makes me feel good to cook for my family and have the house all clean and have 4 happy little boys.  <3

Some new pics

Hayden making faces at Preston

Hayden, Preston, Casen

My 4 little men

Handsome Preston

Miss Maggie being crazy

Hayden has gotten so big!

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