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Friday, July 22, 2011

Our food this week was delicious!

Again, not everything was made...get used to that haha.  We had planned to go to Sprouts after my dr appt on Monday so I hadn't bought the meat for a couple things because I prefer to buy from them...well Mark ended up having a meeting he had to make it back for so we couldn't go to Sprouts so that messed up a few recipes.

On Sunday though we had Dessa and Chris over for dinner.  It was a really good night, love spending time with them.  I made Parmesan-Ranch ChickenAu Gratin Potatoes and Cream corn with Banana Pudding for dessert....everything was amazing!!!!  The chicken was especially amazing, everyone loved it!!!  I will be making that all the time now, it was so easy and so much flavor.  The potatoes were very good too, I usually take onions out of things because Mark HATES them but I felt like these were really going to need them so I left them sliced in rings so they could easily be pulled out.  I didn't tell Mark they were there and he loved the potatoes, I told him after he had tried them and he said he could taste the onion flavor but he thought it was onion powder...which is huge because this man can feel/taste real onion and makes him not want to eat it, it's ridiculous really lol.  But he really liked these.  The onions were so soft, I have never cooked anything with onions that they got as soft as they did in this.  Will definitely make it again too.  The cream corn was very good too, Mark who doesn't like corn either even liked it.  And banana pudding was a a hit too!!  Which was a big compliment from Chris because he absolutely loves his mom's and he said this was very good too :)  I'd say that dinner was a huge success

I made tater tot casserole for dinner on Monday, which of course was yummy!  Tuesday we had orange chicken, again yummy.  Hayden loves that meal, it has red bell peppers and snow peas in it and those are his favorite parts!  He is the only one of the boys that likes peppers but he stole them from everyone's plates and ate them all plus had 3rds of the snow peas lol.  Wed I was out until late, we had Souper Salad for dinner with Aunt Dessa.  Thursday I made hamburger stronganoff, it was good, not GREAT.  I will probably make it again but won't be something we'll be craving all the time like that awesome parm-ranch chicken.  

I didn't have time to make our breakfast casserole before church last Sunday so I'm going to either make it tomorrow morning or Sunday, can't wait to try it it looks so good.  I think that's all the new recipes for this week :)

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