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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I think I see the perks of a breastfed baby taking a bottle too...

Preston seems to have "perfect" timing.  Every time I'm doing something THAT is when he wants to wake up and eat lol.  I'm sure all moms can relate...99% of my meals are eaten cold, with baby in hand (half the time latched on), trying not to drop food on his head.  

There have already been countless times I've had to have the older boys wait while I feed him which they are really great about waiting and don't complain, but I do feel bad.  

Well today I was making the boys snack....cinnamon chips and fruit salsa.  Casen and Hayden were helping me, and of course a few minutes in he woke up wanting to eat.  Landon volunteered to hold him and he was ok for a couple min but then started crying.  I was in the middle of cooking with the boys and really couldn't stop where I was, plus they were really hungry too.  So I asked Landon if he wanted to try and give him a bottle...cue extreme excitement!!  So I grabbed a bag of milk out of the freezer and defrosted it then warmed it and put it in one of his Breastflow bottles (awesome bottles by the way) and handed it to Landon.  It took Preston a minute to figure out there was actually milk in it but then he started drinking it and took 2oz from him!!!  I'm definitely seeing the perks in having the milk frozen for times like that where it really isn't fair to make all of the other boys wait even longer for their food when one could easily help out with feeding him.  Probably won't happen often but nice to have the milk there just in case.  And I'm guessing 2oz is what he takes when he nurses too because he passed out with a full belly <3  Landon was quite proud of himself for feeding him then him falling asleep like that.  

And I'm sure this surprises no one...I took pics :)

Full belly

Then the fruit salsa and cinnamon chips....

HUGE hit!!! 

They absolutely love it!  The recipe said it would serve 10....yeah they've already eaten almost 3/4 of it, I'm sure it will be gone by the time they are full.  Definitely one to add to the regular rotation.  If you try it with your kids let me know how they liked it.  I was surprised just how much they liked it.  I made it with strawberry preserves but I'm going to try out different ones, see what all they like.  

Hayden also realized his new favorite fruit.....fresh raspberries!!  

Casen posing and saying "mmmmm"

Hayden saying "mmm"

Crazy Landon

Huge bite!

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