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Thursday, July 28, 2011

He can roll!!!

Preston can now roll from his belly to his back!!!!  8wks 2days old and he did it seven times!  

He was having some tummy time and I was taking pics of him in his JuneBug onesie (it finally fits!) and he flipped himself over!  I couldnt' believe it, I flipped him back and he did it a few more times so I grabbed my phone and got a video of him doing it twice :)  

Here are some pics of him from today

PBJ <3

Love bug

Our little JuneBug

Tummy time

Goofy face and he had just spit up but holding himself up so well!

When he first flipped over!!  I was so excited I got it on camera

2nd time!

And videos :)

This is him just having some tummy time, he doesn't actually roll in this one

Then him rolling in this one

And rolling again!

So proud of him!!!  He is definitely getting the physical thing down but we are still waiting on a real smile.  We did get him smiling at Mark because he was tickling him...I think I posted about that?  I'll look back at my posts and check and if not I'll do another one with those was so sweet!

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