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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Results from Preston's ultrasounds

Good and bad news came from the ultrasounds he had done on Monday.

Good news first...

His hip ultrasound came back completely normal.  That has always been one of my biggest fears for all of the kids, that they would end up with the same hip problems I had.  They are hereditary but it's more likely that a girl would get them than a maybe it's a good thing we have all boys :)

Bad news....

Both kidneys showed some abnormalities.  So the issues found in his first two ultrasounds in the NICU were NOT from the pain/sedation meds like they originally thought.  The right kidney shows some reflux but also an enlarged valve and his pediatrician said she didn't know why it would be like that and neither did the radiologist that looked at the report.  Then in his left kidney she said it looked like it wasn't functioning properly, not letting urine flow through like it should.  So that's all the information she could give me today, she said she didn't know what would be causing it so she is referring us to a specialist.  We should be getting a call either this week or beginning of next with our appt with the urologist.  Praying it's nothing serious and can be easily fixed...but seeing that the neither the radiologist or pediatrician knew what could even be causing it makes me think it's probably not some normal easy thing.

But he was weighed and measured today...he is now 8lbs 13oz fully clothed and right over 21in.  They said that overall, height to weight ratio, it puts him between the 5th and 10th%.  But his height is like 40th% I think they said and weight is 29th%.  So he's our little thing.  He was 7lbs 9oz 2wks ago but that was completely naked so I'm thinking had they weighed him naked today he probably would have been about 8 1/4lbs.  So he hasn't gained too much but he's doing well, not losing at least.  I think he's starting a growth spurt, he didn't seem to really do one at 3wks which is normal but he's 4wks now and today he's been eating about every 1.5-2hrs and usually it's right at every 3hrs.

He wasn't pleased spending so much time in his car seat today and it was seriously stressing Casen out.  I had to pull over a couple times to deal with him because I of course won't let him sit back there and cry but as soon as he'd start up Casen would be begging to unbuckle and help him.  He looked at me in the rear view mirror with tears in his eyes and said " I just really wish I could do something to help him" it was so sweet <3  All of the boys adore Preston but I think Casen is the most..umm what's the word...I guess you could say mothering towards him.  He wants to take care of him and it breaks his heart to hear him cry even for a second.  If I'm busy cooking or something and he gets upset Casen will take care of him and he's so gentle with him.  He really is amazing with him.  The other night I was cooking and had raw chicken on my hands and Preston was in his swing and started crying so Casen tried to give him his paci and he wouldn't take it and after trying a couple more times he started to take him out of his swing and I told him not to but he looked back at me with complete panic on his face and said "But it's the only way!!!!"  I died laughing it was so funny lol.

Maggie is really awesome with him too.  If preston is in a room you can guarantee Maggie is in there somewhere too.  If I lay him on a blanket on the floor she lays right next to it.  The other day he was napping in his crib while I was cleaning the kitchen and he started to cry and she ran in there and ran back to me crying, like to tell me he was upset as if I hadn't heard him.  It was sweet.

Preston is definitely one loved baby.  I just wish all his health issues would get resolved.  He's a month old as of tomorrow and has been through so much, he deserves a break!

Oh and Casen is having some issues with his ear.  It's all dry and cracked behind it but now all inside is THICK scaly dry skin, it's awful!  It's almost blocking his entire ear canal.  So she told us what cream to use on that, hopefully it fixes it soon because it keeps breaking open and it really hurts him :(

And my car is messed up.  On the way home it started overheating...BIG Mark and Brandon looked at it, added water and fixed it temporarily but it has to go to the shop tomorrow for that and my brakes need to be replaced.

I swear it never ends, we need a break

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  1. I'm sorry about all the health issues, so sweet of Casey and Maggie <3