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Monday, June 27, 2011

Only took 25 days...

But Preston's cord finally came off last night at 25 days old!!!  I was sure the thing would never come off.  His belly button isn't fully healed, it has some gooey cord looking bit down in there far, I don't want to mess with it and cause him to start to bleed.  But I did go ahead and give him his first bath last night!!!  I'll hold off on another until it looks like that has fully healed but I just couldn't wait any longer!

He seemed to really enjoy his bath after the initial shock of being put into the water.  I was using a wash cloth to put warm water over him and he felt it go past his hand and he grabbed it and brought it straight to his mouth and started sucking on it, drinking the water.  I let him do it for a minute so we could get a video, it was so cute haha, but then I took it from him and he got really mad...the rest of the bath was a screaming fit.  But overall not bad for a first bath haha

Tomorrow is his renal ultrasound and hip ultrasound.  We have to be there by 12:45 and it's an hour away, they say expect the appt to take 1.5hrs which I'm sure will be longer, everything always takes longer than expected at the dr.  But please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.  Looking for the all clear on his renal ultrasound, that all of his previous issues have resolved and good results from the hip ultrasound.

I've been thinking back about Preston's birth a lot, I really can't believe it's almost been a month already.  I truly believe that my body was screaming at me that the birth center was not a safe option for us.  I think it's amazing that the entire day I was in labor my blood pressure only creeped up a couple times and it was being taken every 5-10min.  But just the day before it had been really high.  I did have some high days afterwards too though.  I still have people who don't agree with the decision we made to induce with him being early still, but in my heart I believe it was the best decision and had we not we may not have him here now with us.  That knot was really scary to see.  It has really changed my view on birth as a whole.  Nothing could have predicted that, we would never had known and I would have carried on to have a birth at the birth center with possibly detrimental results.  It was like God (or whoever) showing me that things CAN go wrong, just because everything has been fine before doesn't guarantee it will be the next time.  It has really made me rethink my views on home birth and birth center births.  Not saying they are unsafe, but it's very scary the things that can go wrong with no warning.  Had I gone into labor on my own at 37wks I would have been legally allowed to deliver at the birth center and even if the knot didn't cause issues there all of Preston's issues would have been much worse having to transfer from the birth center and dealing with all of that in between...could have really lost precious time.  As much as I wanted a home birth at first and then a birth center birth IF we were to ever have any more kids (though 99.9% sure that will NOT be happening lol) I will be delivering in a hospital for sure.  I will never take that chance again.  I'm so thankful my body knew (whether you agree or not) that something was wrong and it changed the course of how things were going to happen.  I would even go back to the OB that delivered Preston, not a midwife...though nothing against them at all, not that I now think it's unsafe to use them by any means.  But I used to think negatively about OBs based on my past experience and so many stories.  But this one proved them all wrong, there are wonderful OBs out there that not only want to push c-sections and unnecessary interventions.

Ok enough rambling.  Just so thankful to have my little boy here with us now, healthy and happy.  He's the most perfect little thing, love that little man so much <3

Today we went to Henry's (Mark's dad) house for a family lunch.  Preston got to meet a lot of family, and the boys even met a few people they hadn't before.  They were so well behaved, very proud of them.  It was really nice to do a family thing, we don't do it often.  Seems like everyone is too far away, really wish we had more family here and that they were more into doing get togethers like that.

First Bath pictures!


Napping in his stroller at Grandpa Henry's

Meeting Grandma Alice (Henry's wife)

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  1. <3 I'm so glad he's home safe and healthy too. It was VERY scary (even from the other side of the world) *mwah!*