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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Follow ups

Tomorrow Preston will have his first check up with our pediatrician, I hope we like her, we actually haven't ever seen her before just her partner and we didn't like him at all but she's supposed to be ok with not vaccinating...hopefully we like her.  He's only been nursing since we got home from the hospital, yesterday was actually the first day he ever nursed and he's doing great.  It takes a minute to get him latched on but he's really patient trying to get it, doesn't scream like the boys did when it took too long.  I'm hoping he's gained a few ounces, he was 7lbs 7.6oz Tues night.  He's peeing tons so I'm sure he's getting enough just want to see a bit of gain to feel even better about it

I was reading through his discharge paperwork that I have to give to his pediatrician tomorrow, we have a copy too to keep in his diaper bag in case of an emergency to give to any dr so they know his history.  It's crazy all the things he's been through, it has all of his medications, procedures and just everything he went through.  From the CPAP, nasal canula, ventilator, nitric oxide, sepsis (which was suspected 2x, only confirmed once but they did antibiotics that 2nd time too to be sure it didn't turn to that), meconium aspiration syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, jaundice, hypotension, pulmonary hemorrhage...the list goes on and on too.

We have to do some follow up appts too from everything.  Within the next 4wks he has to have a hip ultrasound to check for hip dysplasia since I had it...apparently the older boys should have had that too.  He also has to have a renal ultrasound to check his bladder and kidneys since he had the back up so bad, it hadn't fully resolved yet so they have to make sure it has by about a month-6wks old or he'll be referred to a urologist for further testing.  In October he has to see developmental pediatricians because he is at risk for delays from the lack of oxygen :(  I really think he's fine though, he is acting like a normal newborn, he follows us with his eyes and responds well to us but we won't know for sure until he's older.  Then he will be followed closely by his pediatrician and we have to be really careful about him being exposed to anything.  His lungs aren't fully healed yet so a respiratory illness could be really bad for him at this point, they say by age 2 though he should be completely healed and normal in that sense and those things shouldn't be an issue anymore.

Hopefully his appt tomorrow goes well, I'll update afterwards.  Last time the waiting room wasn't the cleanest in the world...well it was clean but old and lots of kids, I'm going to ask if we can wait with him in a room or the car, I don't want him around all that.....

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  1. Poor baby, I hope his appointment goes well