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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2wks old today!

Well Preston is 2wks old today!!!  Everyday seems to go by so slowly not having him home with us yet at the same time I can't believe he's already 2wks old.  I feel like I've missed so much with him already :(

This morning I called his nurse to see how his feeds went throughout the night and he had done 4:30pm, 7:30pm and 10:30pm complete which I knew, then he had done his 1:30am, 4:30am complete too but the 7:30...first one with the new nurse he had done only 55ml of his 65ml so she put the rest in his tube and said that the dr would probably "restart" his 8 in a row in 24hrs because of that...over 1/3 of an ounce when he had done all those others complete, I was not happy.  So I got Mark home from work to stay with the boys and headed to the hospital to talk to the dr myself.  I got there just as the occupational therapist was starting his 10:30 feed, they were just checking to see how he was doing since they started him on feeds a few days ago.  He did great for her, we tried out our Breastflow bottle for the first time which is much harder to drink from and he took almost all in it then started getting sleepy so we put the rest back into the easier bottle and he finished it off...70ml so 5ml more than "required"!

Soon after that the dr called me, didn't know I was actually at the hospital, and he said that his antibiotics were finally done and he was doing great but he thought he needed a few more days to work on feeds.  At this point I've had enough, they are just prolonging his stay, he is healthy now and there is NO reason for him to be there anymore, he is eating great and eating like a normal newborn....not always the exact amount you think they need they dictate that.  I've always fed on demand with my babies, the time they want and amount they want....they are making him eat every 3hrs the amount they say he needs, and the amount he is not taking is such a small small amount it's ridiculous that they are forcing that on him by putting it in his feeding tube.  So I told the dr that this is my 4th baby, I know what to look for to make sure they are eating enough and I'll check in with our pediatrician in a few days but that we feel it's time he comes home, he's ready and I wanted him discharged.  So the dr made a "deal" with me that if he eats well for 24hrs he will come home tomorrow!!

They started getting everything ready for discharge today :)  He did his newborn screen, hearing test, we signed some consent forms for things, denied Hep B vaccine...all that good stuff.  I called his pediatrician and got him an appt for Friday morning to do a weight check.  Everything is all set up and/or done for his discharge :)  He's been feeding pretty good all day.  He did the 70ml at 10:30am then at 1:30 he took 64ml but then at 4:30 he only took about 55ml but the nurse actually didn't check that bottle when he was done so I tossed it and no one asked haha.  He was just fine, he wasn't worn out from drinking he was just full, I sat there trying to force him for awhile then just said screw that I'm not going to force feed him when he's obviously just full it's not that he doesn't have the endurance to finish the feed.  Then at 7:30 Mark had gotten there so he gave him his first bottle feed and he took 68ml for Mark.  We then went to dinner and he dropped me back off and I stayed for his weigh in and bath.  Which he screamed through so I thought he might be too tired to do a complete feed but nope!  He did awesome and took all 70ml then even laid there awake looking at me for a little bit before I put him to sleep and got ready to leave.  He is 7lbs 7.6oz....he's been 7lbs 7.2oz the past 2 nights so he hasn't gained much but the night before those he had gained 2.5oz in a day so I think he's just evening out from that big gain.

He is such an awesome baby, he sleeps tons and is so content all the time.  The only time he gets upset is when the nurse messes with him or yesterday he was laying on my chest and when I'd lay him back to fix his leads he'd get upset but calm as soon as I put him back to my chest.  He is happy to just lay there awake even though I like to hold him as much as possible.  He is just the best baby.  It was sad, yesterday I was looking at his arm as he was sleeping and on just one arm there were 6 spots from him having IVs...just the one arm, he's had them in his other arm too, both feet, his legs and his head :(  Poor little wonder he gets upset when the nurses mess with him, I would too.

But he's doing so awesome and should be home tomorrow!!!!!


  1. YAYYY!! I really hope he is

  2. That is SO freaking awesome! I'm SOOOOOO proud of you all! WOO!