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Friday, June 17, 2011

First check-up!

Preston had his check up this morning, it was really his 2wk check up but also a weight check for the hospital.  He's doing really well.  17 days old today

He was 7lbs 1.8oz at birth, they said 19in but then a few hours later at the NICU he was re-measured and 7lbs .95oz and 20in so I'm sure the 20in is right.  The highest weight that I know he got to in the hospital was 7lbs 15oz because of all the IV fluids.  He then lost back down to 7lbs 4oz, went to 7lbs 7.2oz on Monday night and 7lbs 7.6oz on Tues night and this morning he was 7lbs 9oz!!!  He's only nursed since 10am Wed morning and no weight loss, a couple ounces gain so he's doing great :)  He is now 20.5in and 35.5cm head circumference.  He's little for our kids at this age but healthy.  His cord stump is still on, Casen's stayed on 17 days which was the longest of any of the boys but Preston's doesn't even look like it's coming off yet.  Maybe it has to do with him having the umbilical lines in for so long it didn't dry up.  She suggested starting to use the alcohol on it to dry it out even faster.  She just did a quick look over of him, listened to his breathing and everything looks great.  He doesn't have to be seen again until his 2mo appt on Aug 3rd.  She is putting in the orders for his renal ultrasound and hip ultrasound so I should be getting a call to schedule those soon.

I think I'll like their pediatrician.  It's the boys pedi too but we hadn't seen her yet.  She seemed nice enough.  We didn't have to discuss vaccines, she didn't even ask if he had his Hep B in the hospital (he didn't) so we'll see how that goes at his 2mo visit.  I called around when trying to choose one to find one that was ok with not vaccinating and she is supposed to be but we'll see how she actually acts when the time comes.

Preston is such a good baby, he sleeps so much better than the boys did at this age.  He sleeps pretty much all day, will have probably 2 awake periods of maybe an hour or so but that's it he sleeps the rest of the time and sleeps great at night too.  Last night he slept 4hrs then nursed, then 2.5hrs and nursed and 2.5hrs and nursed again.  He nursed at the dr and then went to sleep as soon as I put him into the car, drove forever home and I got him out of his seat and brought him inside and he stayed asleep so I put him in his crib and he's still sleeping, he's been sleeping now over 2hrs even with all the moving him around and crazy loud brothers haha.  I think when he wakes up we'll try out his cloth diapers for the first time :)

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