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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rough night mom post...if you don't care to know about baby poo and him nursing don't read lol

Last night Preston started acting a little fussy...which we haven't seen from him, he's always so content.  I didn't think he felt very good.  2 days before he left the hospital his right eye started getting really yucky and the nurse said it was probably from his feeding tube being in that side, they took it out that day.  It was still yuck the next day but then Thurs it was better, just a little goopy.  But yesterday and today both eyes are really yucky again :(  It doesn't look like pink eye, he isn't messing with his eyes at all, they aren't red, just lots of yellow goop.

Last night though he was waking up every 1-2hrs to nurse and fussing :(  He didn't have a dirty diaper from the time he got fussy until about 5pm tonight, just tiny bits of poo but not a real dirty diaper.  He finally went lots...I know you all care so much :)  But now he's better so I think his tummy was upset :(  I know the first time he really gets sick I'm going to be so worried, I'm watching like everything the does, analyzing every "symptom" making sure he's ok constantly.  I've barely put him down since he came home, which he loves, he's becoming a mommy's boy already <3

He's been nursing so well, you would never believe he hadn't been nursing since he was born.  He took to it right away and hasn't had a single bottle since coming home.  I almost had to give him one earlier when he was really fussy, he just wouldn't latch right, was letting milk pour out of his mouth but obviously hungry and just having a really hard time.  He finally calmed down and nursed and then after that time was when he finally was able to go potty.  So I figure that was why, his tummy was probably really hurting so he wanted to eat but was having a hard time eating.  But he "enjoys" nursing, he's starting to use me as a pacifier...which I don't mind I'm just glad he took to it so well.  I'm waiting for my supply to regulate for him.  It's amazing what hormones do for your supply.  I can't remember if I wrote about this before, sorry if I did.  But when he was in the hospital the lactation consultant had told me to make sure I pump right after seeing him while at the hospital because my hormones would make me produce more after being around him and touching him...was very true, got the most during those times.  Well when he came home on Wed my supply went crazy.  It was WAY more than when my milk initially came in and my boobs were killing me.  I was sure they were going to explode haha.  It is better today though, thankfully, but I noticed a couple new stretch marks on my boobs!  After 4 kids new stretch was crazy.  I'm sure it was the hormone rush of having him home with me, cuddling him, actually nursing him for the first time...all rolled into one and my supply went nuts.

He is now nursing for 5-10min at a time.  I do wonder what "type" of milk he's getting.  For those that don't know, when you breastfeed the first milk they get is foremilk and it's more to quench their thirst then after that they get hindmilk which is thicker and more filling..more fat in it.  Well when I'd pump the first bottle per side (so 2.5oz) would be all foremilk then the 2nd bottle per side would be the hindmilk.  I highly doubt he's taking 2.5oz or more...he was taking 2oz (most feeds) by bottle before.  So I don't think it's jumped that much with him only nursing 5-10min.  So I do wonder how much of the more filling, fat filled milk he's getting...that might have played into him waking every 1-2hrs last night too since the other milk doesn't keep them full as long.  Hopefully tonight he sleeps a little better.  He nursed just a little while ago and had gone 4hrs since his last feed before that so maybe it's already changing to what he needs.

Tomorrow is his first outing...going to church in the morning and hiding him in my sling so no one touches :)

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