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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1 with Preston

At about 10:30-11pm the night Preston was born we noticed his color was really bad and the nurse wanted the nursery nurse to look at him.  She came down to look at him and decided he needed to go to their special care nursery to be looked at.  They suctioned him out more but it didn't help very much so they had the neonatologist come down to see him.  It was decided he needed to be put on CPAP.  After they got that started and we talked to the dr some more we went down and saw him.  He was on 40% oxygen with that and the dr had said that as long as he could hold at 60% or less he could stay in this hospital.  Within a few hours it was obvious he was going to need more help than they could give him and they told us he would need to be transferred to Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.  They had us sign a bunch of paperwork and got a care flight ambulance team over quickly.  They brought NICU nurses from the other hospital who started him on a vent and got him loaded up for transport.  When they left he was on about 60% oxygen on the vent.

Preston all ready to go

They called after they got him settled in to let us know he was there and stable, spoke to the dr just a bit. My dr came in about 7:30 and said since he was transferred and my labor and delivery went fine he was going to release me so I could go be with him.  It took awhile to get out of there because I still had to see the lactation consultant, file the birth certificate and then just get all the discharge stuff done.  We finally made it over to see Preston that afternoon.  We found out that that morning he had had blood come up in his breathing tube which can be a sign of infection which they were already treating with antibiotics just in case.  They had started an umbilical line but could only get one not the 2 in there they wanted so he had another IV as well.  Earlier in the day he had been at 72% oxygen but they had been able to get it down to 53% but he was still working very hard to breathe and retracting a lot.  

It was so awful while we were there he got irritated and started to cry but no sound because of the vent, it was horrible to watch.  I was able to rub his head and he calmed down.  I stopped and he started again so I rubbed his head and he stopped...he knows mommy's touch <3  

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