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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2nd trip to the hospital 6/7/11

Since I had to go alone to the hospital earlier when Mark got off he wanted to go see him too so we went back up there <3  When we got there he was sleeping and the nurse asked that we let him sleep until 8 because they had taken him off the nitric oxide!!!!!!!!!!  She had to do a blood gas at 8 and if he got worked up before then it could mess with those numbers and since this was the first since going off the nitric the numbers needed to be as accurate as possible.  So we watched him for a bit then I went to pump.

I feel like a cow with all the milk I've been getting lol.  The hospital is fully stocked, I don't even bring anything from home and haven't in days, I pump every time I'm up once a day until today...and I leave that there.  Each time I pump that is more than a day supply for him lol.  So they have like a week supply right now.  Then I have sooo much in my freezer already it's crazy.

After I pumped we went back to see him and she had just done the blood gas and was doing the rest of his "touch time"...switching his position, changing diaper, cleaning him up, moving leads around, etc.  Then after she gets him all settled he gets his feed.  He's a really good baby as soon as he gets his feed he goes to sleep for about 4hrs.  He hasn't had pain meds or sedation medication in over 24hrs now!  He really loves his paci and we were able to see him sucking it this time, earlier he just had it next to him but he was asleep.  As soon as she put it in his mouth he calmed down, stopped sucking and went right to sleep.

She said the same as the other nurse, he should come off the vent hopefully tomorrow.  She thinks he'll just need the nasal canula, not CPAP but of course only Preston can decide that.  She said SOME babies it's like a light bulb comes on and they just "get" it and he could possibly come home in just a few days but a week is more likely and 2wks is very possible.  We are just so happy he's off the nitric and doing well though, that's a huge step!  Praying he does well all night and is able to be weaned down off the oxygen and off the vent tomorrow!!!  Once he's off the vent and they can take out the umbilical line I can hold him :)

Pics from earlier

Baby all tied down lol, he really likes being wrapped up like this


  1. Great to read that he is off the NO and that he may come on the nasal tube possibly :).

  2. That is awesome news!! I love hearing these amazing updates!! You got a fighter on your hands, watch out momma!!! LOL

  3. Do you know how to put the nasal tube in yet? I had to do that with john more then a several times for several months. I hope that things are going to get better fast.