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Friday, June 3, 2011


So no call from the hospital this morning, which made us news is good news, right?  So we got ready and went up there to see him and the dr came in right after us and said "I want to see what you think, how does he look?  I think he looks so much better today" and was really happy.  Definitely the first thing we wanted to hear!!  And he did look soooo much better.  He looked so much healthier, more peaceful, better color...just all around better.  <3  The dr said that it appears the meds are starting to work and he had made a small step in the right direction.  He said he's still in the "scary" zone as far as us knowing which way he's going to go but that today looks good.  And even though it's small steps he'll take it.  He was down to 72% oxygen from 100% yesterday.  His chest also wasn't retracting anymore!  He looked so much better especially in that area.  He is looking a bit jaundice but not too bad.  He said they were able to back off a touch on the dopamine today which is a good thing as well.  He said he is hoping that in a couple days he'll be able to start feedings...he is still only on IV fluids, we don't want to ask his body to do anymore functions and stress him out more.  But if he continues to do better and they can get him off the BP meds (his is too low) and some other meds down a bit they will be able to try some tube feedings.  He was also sucking on his breathing tube today :)  It was so cute

There wasn't much news today, not much change besides that but we will take it.  He's doing better even if it's only a little bit.  We are so relieved, we were both sitting there watching him and I said to Mark that yesterday I couldn't see him coming home with us but today I can.  He is going to get better, we know it, we may have more ups and downs but Preston is going to come home to his brothers, he is going to get better.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for him, it's amazing to see how many people care for our family and sweet baby Preston, I know he feels all the love.

Pics from today

We brought the gifts up from the boys, the blanket on him is from Casen, the little shirt up top is from Landon and the doll next to him is from Haydy

After seeing him today we had to go to my follow up appt for my blood pressure.  After all the stress yesterday it was almost 150/101...very high.  When I got to the office it was only 141/88 which isn't too bad but we had just come from a very good visit with Preston.  So after talking with the dr about what it has been and taking into consideration all the stress right now with him in the NICU he decided it was best to put me on some blood pressure medication to try and keep it stable while dealing with all of this since it can take up to 6wks for the BP issues from pregnancy to clear.  So we picked those up this afternoon and I will start them tonight and we go back for another check on Monday afternoon.  

It has been a very good day, I hope he has turned the corner for good and it will get slightly better everyday.  


  1. This story touches mt heart! You are one strong woman and I respect you for that!!! You all are in my prayers and I can't wait to see pics of him at home with you guys. - Morgan :)

  2. I am praying for you and your family!! You are such a strong and powerful woman and Preston is a strong little boy. I cant wait to "watch" him grow up like I have your other boys.

    Momma Chat

  3. I am very glad to hear that today shows some improvement! God bless your beautiful new baby boy!!! Praying for Preston and your family for the strength to get through this difficult time.

  4. Thanks for keeping everyone update Pie even with everything going on <3