My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th Update

Today was great :)

Stephanie came to watch the boys for me, Mark had to work, so I went up to the hospital and got there just in time for his 1:30 feeding.  I got to take his temp and change his diaper and then do that feed.  He was really sleepy but managed to take 54ml of the 65ml "required" so 11ml went into his feeding tube.  It kind of annoys me how they do it because now he's acting like a normal full term baby, he is now "39wks"...they don't always eat what you think.  I remember Landon would sometimes eat the full 2oz and then sometimes he'd eat a little less.  Well they expect him to always eat the 65ml or more...not less.  Like the 11ml is about 1/3 an oz...not much at all and yet that doesn't count as him completing a feed.  Luckily the 4:30 and 7:30 feeds he completed!!!  I'm going to call in just a minute to see how he did at his 10:30 feed and also find out his weight.  He was 7lbs 7oz last night so he needs to have gained just something, an ounce or 2 is fine, just show that he's gaining.  If he does well all night with his feeds and gained tonight I'm going to be pushing his dr to let him come home tomorrow.  It's getting ridiculous now, he's healthy, he's eating fine, not all babies eat the exact amount they "should" at every feeding.  It's my 4th baby I know if they are eating enough and we can check in with the dr in a few days- week to make sure he's gaining well if that makes them happy but it's really time for him to come home.  He is doing great now, there is no reason for him to be there, medically.

But I hung out with him all day, he is such an awesome baby, so content.  He loves laying on mommy's chest and the only time he got mad all day (except during diaper changes too) was when I would take him off my chest to fix his leads because they kept peeling up and then the machine would start screaming at us lol.  As soon as I'd put him back to my chest he was quiet.  He liked having me there with him all day <3  I can't wait to get him home with us all the time

Time to call the dr.......