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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 wks old today!

Can you believe it?  I know I can't, Preston is 3wks old today!!!  How did that happen so fast?  While it seemed like everyday he was in the hospital dragged on the time overall seemed to keep adding up so fast.  He's doing really well now, loving being home and being loved on 24/7.  We barely put him down though right now he's napping in his crib because the boys were being crazy loud and I kept having to get on to them so it was waking him up and he was grumpy.  He did have a 99.7 temp earlier so I'm watching that to be sure it doesn't get any higher.  We are STILL waiting on his cord to fall off so he can have his first real bath, still hanging on tight.  I weighed him yesterday, not sure how accurate it was because I stood on the scale holding him then without and figured it out that way, he was in a sleeper and wet diaper when I did yesterday (didn't know it was wet until after lol) and it came up 7.8lbs.  So he's still a little thing, compared to the older boys at least, they were all much bigger by 3wks.  They were all about 9lbs give or take by a month and over 12lbs by 2mo....we'll see how Preston "measures up".

If his cord would ever fall off we'd finally be able to start using his cloth diapers.  The original plan had been to use them from birth but obviously that wasn't possible so when we finally got him home I tried a few of my smallest ones and only one brand of AIO and one brand of fitteds work and then his prefolds do...but fitteds and prefolds need covers and only one of my like 10-12 covers fit and even it I have to put it on just right so it doesn't rub his cord.  If his cord would fall off pretty much all of the diapers would fit, they all are just too high for him right now with it.  I guess it's a good thing he's growing slowly for now, we should still get good use out of them when his cord finally falls off.

Nursing is still going great, no bottles still, yay!!  I really thought he'd never latch after not even trying for 15 days, so glad it's working out perfectly now.  But he's been really grumpy the past 2 days and had another really grumpy night the other night.  I'm almost sure it's an upset tummy so I've decided to cut out dairy because Hayden couldn't tolerate it either, hopefully that helps.  If not I'll try cutting out some other stuff then I'm going to look into probiotics that someone recommended if none of that works.

Speaking of grumpy baby he's yelling at me now on my chest so I should stop now haha.  Man 4 kids is tiring!

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