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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Awesome Update 6/5/11

Preston is doing amazingly well today!!!!  He is impressing all of his nurses and the dr, doing things none of us expected for another few days at very minimum!  We are so happy right now!

First, I got a call this afternoon before heading up there from his dr who was so happy and told us they are weaning down on everything, his oxygen level was lower, the pressures on the vent were lower, the nitric oxide was lower, breaths per min were lower and he was doing more work.  Also his jaundice levels had dropped and they were hoping to have him off the lights tonight or tomorrow morning.  Also told us he was getting more to eat.  I told him we'd be heading up there soon so we got off the phone and when  Mark got home we went up there.   When we got there we knew he was doing better but did not expect what we saw.

His oxygen level on his vent was 70% yesterday, it was 35% when we got there and before we left had been turned to 30%!!!!!  We breathe 21% so he is very close to room air!  Also the pressures that were 27 over 7 yesterday are down to 21 over 6!  So he needs to come down some more on that but he's getting really close to the minimum!  His nitric oxide was down to 14 ppm from 20ppm yesterday.  That is the medicine that is helping the vessels in his lungs...that needs to come to a 0 before he can come off the vent.  Also yesterday he was on 34breaths per minute but he wasn't working any more above that, he was letting the vent do all the work.  But today he's down 18 breaths per minute and he's breathing on top of that at around 70+ breaths total (with the 18 they are giving him) per minute!  Everyone was just amazed.  They said it's like last night he just turned a corner and decided enough was enough, he was tired of this and he was getting better and coming home.  They said normally they wouldn't wean so aggressively but that he is forcing them to do it :D  That's my man, he'll be home soon!  Mark said it's the mommy's milk he started getting.  Yesterday was the first day he wasn't sedated and he knew we were there, then he got his first breast milk and suddenly he's a new little baby <3

His jaundice level was at a 14.8 this morning, will be redrawn at 9pm if he's at 13.5 or lower he'll come off the lights, they expect him to be :)  He also went from 5cc of breastmilk (which is 1 teaspoon) yesterday every 4hrs to having that every 3hrs and now I got to feed him again today his first 10cc feeding!  He's already digesting most of it.  Also his cathedar is working really well today and he's peeing tons which they said is a great thing, it's because he's coming off the meds and his swelling was way down today.  He is getting better.  He is out of that really scary zone, he IS going to be ok, he is going to come home with us.

They are thinking he may be off the vent tomorrow at this rate, we can't believe it!  Just yesterday the dr was saying we easily had another week on the vent.  Preston wasn't having that.  Today when it was about time for him to feed he was rooting around and getting upset, he wants to nurse.  If he gets off the vent we'll start trying to nurse, so hopefully tomorrow.  Once he's off the vent and shows he can maintain his oxygen levels the only thing he has to do to come home is prove he can eat.  He's been sucking on his breathing tube and rooting around so we don't think that's going to be an issue.  My baby could be home in just a couple days!!!!!!!!

Pictures from today

How he was when we arrived, sleeping peacefully with the blanket from Casen and the lovey from Hayden

Holding Mommy's hand

Finally opening his eyes for us!

Getting his first 10cc feed

Resting peacefully when he finished eating

Daddy saying bye

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  1. AMAZING NEWS!!! You and your family must feel such relief and joy!