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Saturday, December 31, 2011

7 months old!!!

Today PBJ, or P $ as his Aunt Dessa calls him, is 7 months old!!!  

His first year is going WAY too fast for my liking.  We don't know yet 100% if he's our last but I think he probably is so seeing everything go by so fast makes me really sad :(  

He is starting to really develop his personality.  He is very laid back, a total sweetheart he loves to give kisses and he's very quiet but always happy.  He reminds me a lot of Casen as a baby, he seems to just sit back and watch everything, just taking it in, learning.  He isn't in a hurry to get around, he's perfectly content to just stay put.  

This month we took his infant insert out of his car seat, he's finally big enough to sit without it!  He looks so small in his seat now.  He is now 16lbs 11oz which puts him about the 18th% so he has dropped quite a bit over the past month or 2.  I'm not sure how tall he is but he has a dr appt on the 9th so we'll find out then.  He's so much smaller than the other boys were at this age....Casen was 18lbs 10oz at 7mo, Hayden was 19lbs 8oz and Landon at 7.5mo was 21lbs 8oz (fatty!!! haha).  He has really slowed down and he isn't even mobile yet, the other boys didn't start thinning out like this until they got mobile.  I wonder if he's going to be tiny like Hayden was as a toddler?   Guess we'll see.  He is eating well, nursing great and seems content so I'm not worried.  

He has made a big change over the past 2 weeks with solids.  He absolutely LOVES to eat now!!!!  He especially likes table foods but he's a big fan of purees now too.  He is now having 2 meals a day with another of just table foods which he doesn't really eat a whole lot of, mostly just chews on.  The pic above was his first real table food, he went to lunch with Mark and I and we gave him a tortilla rolled up, he loved was gross when he was done with it lol.  His favorite thing seems to be mango, anything that has mango in it he eats tons of it.  I'm going to get some fresh mango (if it's in season?  Don't think it is actually) and see how he likes that too.  Maybe I can find it frozen?  I'll have to see...

He had blueberry pancakes with the boys the other morning

He tried pasta too which was a big hit too

He is taking a sippy cup now...well he likes it, he plays with it but doesn't really drink anything out of it yet.  We only offer water

He's sitting up pretty well now, doesn't fall too much anymore.  He does still lean a lot but he does hold himself up and can sit straight up for short periods of time.  He isn't trying to crawl yet but can arch his back up and push off his feet to scoot across his back.  But he does that when he's mad, not in an attempt to go anywhere.  Like I said, he isn't really interested in going anywhere yet.  He will see his developmental pediatrician in Feb and they wanted him sitting really well on his own for long periods of time, putting himself into a sitting position and then also going from sitting to a crawling position...he's nowhere near that but he does have a little over a month still.  If he isn't doing those things he'll probably start physical therapy.  

Separation anxiety has also started this month, he is big time attached to mommy.  In the pic above Mark was trying to give me a break and Preston knew I was behind him so that's his attempt to get to me lol.  He wants me all the time, which for the most part is ok but it can be a challenge sometimes because I have 3 other kids to tend to as well, but we are making do :)  

He is sleeping pretty well most nights.  He's now down to nursing 6-7 (sometimes 8) times in a day.  He does still wake 2-3x in the night to nurse but he's getting better and he naps really well during the day.  Usually 3 naps a day and each one 1.5-3hrs long.  So he's getting quite a bit of sleep.  He goes down to bed in his crib for naps and bedtime with no fuss most of the time.  If he's been with Mark and the boys or playing on his own right before naptime he sometimes gets upset...but if he has been cuddling with me he'll go right down no problem.  

I think that's it :)  I forgot to get his 7mo pics today but I'll do them tomorrow after church!

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