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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mean Moms

Sometimes I wonder why little kids in Landon and Casen's grades are so, where are their parents?  How did they even learn to treat people that way?  Then, I enrolled Hayden in gymnastics and quickly exactly how some of those kids get like that.  Their parents.

Hayden is the only boy in his gymnastics class, there are about 6 girls.  There is only little girl, R, that he gets along with, she's a sweetheart, very sensitive but also a little rough and Hayden.  She has a little brother and him and her mom watch each week.  Then there are the other girls, every one of them is stuck up and just mean.  Hayden likes them all, he likes everyone, and he just wants them to like him and laugh at him.  So he's always trying, always goofing off trying to get their attention and make them laugh.  One little girl, M, is sometimes nice to him.  Then the others are ok, not outright mean, except on occasion, except one little girl, K...she is a total snob and always mean to him, she is always tattling on him.  I try not to let it bother me because they are 4–5yrs old but I do wonder WHY they act like that...but I don't know why I wonder, because I know exactly why....their moms are the exact same way.  All, except R's mom, are total snobs.  I have tried smiling and saying hi since the first week but rarely get anything in return so I've stopped trying lately.  They never talk to me but always talk to each other.  I try and be nice and one of them was asking where to find the onesie stickers for the months the baby is and no one knew and I had just ordered some for  Preston and Isaiah so I told her where to get them.  There is a little bell the kids get to ring when they get a new thing on their own and all the coaches and parents clap.  I always clap for their kids...but they never do for Hayden.  It's all so petty, I have no idea what I have done to them, but they obviously don't like me and their kids don't like Hayden....whatever.  I try not to let it get to me.  

But today, I was trying to really be on top of Hayden and him paying attention.  He's easily distracted and will start goofing off, talking and just not paying attention.  When he does it he gets out of line or even still stands in line but the other little girls will just come and get in front of him...there has been more than one occasion where all of the other kids will have a turn 2x before Hayden gets a turn.  So I kept telling him today to pay attention, stay in line, settle down, etc.  Then a few times other girls got in front of him so I told him he needs to be paying attention he's supposed to be behind whoever and to tell whoever was in front of him that and get back in his place and just pay attention.  Well apparently this really annoyed M's mom because one time M got in front of Hayden and she, in a really rude voice, just says "M just move back" and turned to me and said "does it really matter?  I dont' think any of them are in the line they started in (actually they were), it doesn't matter when he goes"  I told her it does matter because he gets distracted and all of them will have 2 turns before he ever gets 1.  I was SO pissed.  I wanted to go on to tell her that I pay the same amount of money a month as she does and so it does matter that he is only getting 1/2 the turns as everyone else.  I'm sure it'd matter to her if it was her kid getting passed up 1/2 the time.  She kept huffing and puffing, rolling her eyes.  

Then at the end of class K's little sister had mini candy canes and handed them out to everyone except Hayden and R.  R was crying while her mom put her shoes on and someone asked why and her mom said she didn't know, but she did, I heard was because she was left out.  All of the other kids and their moms were going to lunch together why couldn't they wait until they had left the gym to do that?  Of course they don't care, they are raising the future mean girls, they didn't correct it, they just allow them to leave people out like that.  

I really have never been around moms that are just so stuck up and outright rude and mean to other people and it's amazing to see it already in their kids.....sad really.  I can't stand to be around people like that and I'm really tempted to just pull Hayden out of gymnastics but I don't want him to miss out because of people like them.  Sucks.

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