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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hayden's Prayer

We've had a really nice weekend, again.  Love this time of year, so many things to do and just seems like everyone is in a better mood.  

Cutie hanging out with daddy on the couch

On Saturday, we just hung out with the boys at the house most of the day.  Well Landon and Casen had dress rehearsal from 1-4pm at church for the Little Drummer Boy show they put on this week...and will do again next week.  They had a lot of fun up there.  When they came home we hung out a little more, picked up the house some and then Dessa came over to watch all 4 of them while Mark and I went to a Christmas party with our small group from church.  

I made some chewy lemon snowdrop cookies (thanks pinterest) and they were SOOO good, going to make some more soon.  The boys loved them.  The Christmas party was fun, yummy food, fun games, it was nice hanging out with other adults and having a little break from the kids.  

Preston woke up way earlier than he "should" have though and was hungry and I felt really bad so I had some formula samples that I have put away for Dessa in case she needs them and I told her to make him a bottle to see if he'd take it.  He still refuses solids most of the time, he definitely would have refused while really hungry and mad.  So she did that and kept telling me how horrible she felt to be giving him formula...he had NEVER had any, even while in the hospital.  But strangely I felt ok with it.  I've learned to relax a little...ok a lot....and realize things like that don't REALLY matter and he will be just fine!!  Turns out he hated it and refused to drink any anyways lol.  She got him calmed down though and he was fine until we got home.  She was great with him though, I felt really bad that she was there with him and there was nothing she could do for him, but she really was great with him, really patient and he was fine.  

Then this morning we had to have the boys to church by 8:30am because they were performing during both services (9:30 and 11:30).  We didn't get to see the first service but were, of course, at the 2nd which is the one we usually go to.  The program was really good and the boys were so cute!  I think I loved just seeing them up there singing and really into that even more than the dancing.  Can't wait to see them again next week!!  I have a video that is currently uploading to facebook but it's 13min long so it's going to take awhile.  

After church Dessa came back to the house, she came back out today to go to their performance, and we had nachos that I had made the meat topping in the crock pot...they were really good!  Definitely one to make again!  (again, thanks Pinterest).  She hung out for awhile, scared the crap out of me having 3-4 contractions exactly 4min apart.  Stay put little Isaiah, 35wks is still too early!  3 more weeks and I'll allow you to be born!  

After she left we cleaned up the house a bit more and then decided to make gingerbread houses.  This year we bought a kit that was a little village that had 5 houses in it so we each made one and Preston just hung out with us.  The boys had a lot of fun, Casen's house fell house building skills are lacking.  But they turned out pretty good, going to put them up on the mantle until Christmas is over.  

Tonight I gave Preston oatmeal for the first time, I mixed it in with some apples and bananas...he actually really liked it.  I do wonder if there is something going on with his gag reflex though.  When he was younger he would gag on his pacis a lot, as he got a bit bigger he doesn't anymore but I did try to give him the 6mo+ mam ones and he gagged bad again.  It's like his gag reflex is really far forward?  But he gags on solids.  He kept gagging on the stuff tonight BUT he wanted it so I kept feeding him. I don't know if it's possible something caused by having that breathing tube in his throat?  Or just him?  If it's something he'll just have to work out and get over?  Either way I'll be bringing it up to his developmental pediatrician and regular pediatrician if he's still doing it by the time we see them next...or if it gets any worse I'll call.  

After that we watched a little bit of Home Alone 2 while dinner finished, ate and then put the boys in bed.  After putting them in bed I hear Hayden talking to himself and he said this:  "I love Jesus, Jesus loves me!  He is my best friend!  I want to kiss him on the wips (lips...and anyone who knows Hayden knows he is obsessed with kissing and always wants to kiss on the 'wips' lol so he was being sweet) all day long!  I love Jesus.  Amen."  it was the first time I've ever heard him saying anything like a prayer on his own, it was really cute (albeit a little disturbing wanting to kiss him all day long haha) but sweet just the same.  

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