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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas has gone now but I wanted to show everything Elfis...our Elf on a Shelf....did this year!  Figured putting it all in one blog post would be better than updating with a new one each night.  

We didn't get him until the 3rd so that's when we started

This is where the boys decided to put him the first night.  We told them after the first night he would have Christmas magic from Santa and couldn't be touched by kids.  We did that so that we wouldn't be searching for him each night or have them fighting over him.  Hayden touched him after the first night and I said that I'd have to talk with Santa and see if he'd give us one more chance, luckily he did...none of them touched him again!  I really didn't think it'd work haha

Night of Dec 3rd, he toilet papered the tree!

Night of Dec 4th

Night of Dec 5th...he dusted the fan and then took a ride

Night of Dec 6th...making snow angels in some flour

Night of Dec 7th...drinking syrup

Night of Dec 8th..he hid the angel and got on top of the tree instead

Night of Dec 9th...he started putting a puzzle together

Night of Dec 10th...he tried to sell the baby!

Night of Dec 11th....driving the warthog around with one of the guys from Halo

Night of Dec 12th...dyed the milk green!

Night of Dec 13th...playing with legos

Night of Dec 14th...eating chocolate chips, had hershey's kisses wrappers all around him and a cup of hot cocoa

Night of Dec 15th...he made the boys some muffins for breakfast

The 16th and 17th the boys stayed the night with Grandma, when they came home on the 18th this is how they found him

Night of Dec 18th...he had this note by him, he had drawn on their faces while they slept. I  didn't get a pic of their faces because all 4 of them weren't feeling well that day and I just didn't even think about taking a pic of them until the afternoon and by then they had rubbed most of it off

Night of Dec 19th...dancing under the tree with the angel, Christmas music was playing too

Night of Dec 20th...resting up for a big night ahead..sleeping on Hayden's napmat for school

Night of Dec 21st...other toys have had enough of his mischief and tied him up!

Night of Dec 22nd...he colored a picture (in only Christmas colors and left them another note)

Night of Dec 23rd....he took a present from Santa's workshop early!  Hopefully Santa didn't mind!!

On the night of Dec 24th when Santa came he left with him.  The boys have been really sad, they miss him.  It was so much fun, I can't wait for next year.  Better start planning now, have a lot to live up to lol

What was your favorite thing he did?

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