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Thursday, December 15, 2011

He's been home for 6mo

I feel like every month we have 2 milestones to celebrate...Preston's birth and then the day he was able to come home from the hospital.  Six months ago today, we brought him home <3  So tonight I'm watching his slideshow of all the pics from his birth and NICU stay.  It's so hard to watch, the emotions are still so raw.  It certainly doesn't feel like 6mo.  Even though we have a healthy (for the most part) baby home with us now it's still so hard to think back to that time.  In 6mo he has been through so much, he has proven he is a fighter and one strong little man.  Despite it all he is such an amazing, happy, sweet, smart and loving little baby.  We feel so incredibly blessed every single day to have him with us.  I can't wait to celebrate his first Christmas with him.  He is one loved little baby.  His brothers still dote over him all the time, I thought the "new" would wear off after awhile and he'd be kinda boring to them until he could really play with them, but no, not at all.  Every day they fight over who gets to hold them.  Each of them has their own special time with him everyday.  

Hayden likes to play with him while he's in his swing or jumperoo.  He talks to him so sweetly, makes him laugh and has so much patience for him.  Casen likes to carry him off to the other room and they will watch tv together or he'll lay him on the floor and talk to him, rock him, cuddle with him...he is just so sweet.  And Landon, Landon is just an all around amazing big brother.  He is so nurturing, he will always help with him if I'm trying to do something and Preston needs attention.  He takes him off for their special time each day too and just plays with him.  Preston adores them all, he gives them kisses and hugs and loves when they carry him around.  

Preston is really starting to develop a personality.  He reminds me a lot of Casen, he seems to sit back and soak things in, he isn't in a rush to get moving.  He seems so smart, he learned very early how to give kisses, you just ask and he leans right in to give you a kiss.  He has known his name for quite some time too.  We have started signing with him, I think he'll pick it up really quickly.  He is sitting on his own pretty well now, he does lean quite a bit but is getting better and more stable each day.  

We all love that baby SO much!!

I've shared the video before but I want to share again <3  I think one reason it's so hard to watch is because behind all of the tubes I can see Preston in each one of those pictures.  Most babies change so much from newborn through those first few months that they really dont' even look the same, but he does.  It totally looks like he does now so it makes me even more sad to see that face I look at everyday laying there with all those tubes and bruises :(  

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  1. He is massively cute and he always looks very much loved :D.(oh and i can't watch your video because of the music in it Dx