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Thursday, December 1, 2011

PBJ is 6mo old!

Half a year!  Makes me very sad :(  He might (probably) be our last so seeing how fast it's going by with Preston is making me really sad.  But it also makes me really proud of how far he's come.  6mo ago we weren't sure we'd get to this point.  He is such a strong, amazing little boy and we are so blessed to have him!  

He is now 16lbs 4oz, as of this morning after a feed.  I don't know how tall he is but I'll see if I can measure him soon.  I was thinking he had an appt coming up in Dec for his 6mo appt but I just called and it was set up for Jan 20th!  He would be almost 8mo then.  So they rescheduled it but the soonest they can get him in is Jan 9th so he'll be right over 7mo.  So I want to measure him to see how big he is now.  But he's doing really well.  He does seem to have a hard time maintaining his body temp and it will drop easily and quickly if he's not kept warm, but other than that he is doing great!

He is still nursing pretty much full time.  We did start solids at about 4.5mo but he's only had them maybe 5-6x since then.  He is now eating really well when I offer but I've only been offering about once a week.  I think now that he's 6mo we'll start offering more often, maybe every other day and work up to every day?  We'll see how he does.  I have found that if I offer too often he isn't interested, he is still mostly wanting to nurse.  He hasn't been feeling well the past few days so he's been eating more often, 11x on Tuesday!  But usually he is nursing 6-7x in a 24hr period for about 5min each time.  I'm really happy we've been able to make it to 6mo.  Considering he didn't attempt to nurse a single time until he was 15 days old it's amazing!!!  He is probably the best nurser I've had too, from the first time, he's latched perfectly and had no issues.  He has bit me quite a few times but we are working on that and he only does it when he's done nursing and just messing around so I just stop nursing him and tell him ow...he isn't doing it nearly as often anymore.

We are about 1/2 cloth and 1/2 disposables lately.  I really want to move more towards full time cloth, we've just been so busy I've been taking the easy way.  Not that using the cloth is hard it's just disposables are even easier lol.  I'm really sad that I can't find anymore new BumGenius AIO diapers, he's outgrowing his smalls and they are our favorites for going out, I want mediums!!!  

He's getting really strong and pushes up really well on his tummy.  He isn't getting on his hands and knees yet, I think we are a ways away from that still but he kicks like crazy and can turn in a circle on his tummy and back.  He loves to lay on his playmat and play with the toys, it's his favorite thing aside from being held lol.  He still needs pretty much full support to sit up or he falls forward immediately.  He loves to stand but doesn't attempt to walk when you hold him, Hayden did that at 2mo so makes me wonder if Hayden was weird or if all babies do it lol.  I can't remember if Casen and Landon did it.  Oh well.  He is still just rolling from his tummy to his back but is starting to try really hard to get from his back to his tummy.  He also now reaches out for everything!  He is really interested in food now and will grab it and try and eat it.  As soon as we get his highchair (one of his Christmas gifts) we are going to start offering him table foods to see how he does, for now we are just doing purees.  

His hair is finally starting to fill in more!  It's a really pretty color too.  In certain lights, especially sunlight, it has a red tint to it....totally suits him.  But in just regular room light it's a light brown.  He has really pretty eye lashes too, they are really long, you can see them in that pic above.  

He also loves to give kisses!!  It's the sweetest thing ever!  When you hold him if you ask for kisses he'll grab your face and give you a really big kiss :)  Yesterday he went to stay with Aunt Dessa while I got my hair redone and as soon as I handed him to her she said hi and he got a huge smile on his face and I took his paci and he leaned in and gave her a big kiss.  He LOVES his Aunt Dessa.  She put a video up on Facebook last night while she had him, she was laying on the couch with him sitting next to her belly and when she'd tell him to kiss Isaiah he'd kiss her belly <3  He is so smart! 

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