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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting into the Christmas spirit

First, if y'all remember back in Oct we went on a playdate with a new friend, L, and her little girls J and P to the Ft Worth Museum of Science and History.  Today she posted on her Facebook page that they lost her Paw Paw and little J is in the hospital awaiting surgery #2.  She didn't post what is going on but I ask for you to keep them in your prayers.  J isn't quite 4yrs yet, scary to think what might be going on.  Lots of love and prayers to their family <3

Today we decided to start preparing for Christmas around here!  The boys had rehearsal for The Little Drummer Boy performance they are doing at church, so they were there from 1:45-4pm...well they were late, of course, when are we not these days??  While they were there we went and found the outfits they need for the performance, nothing too hard, just a long sleeved red shirt and khaki colored pants.  They said cargo but the boys are so skinny that those don't fit them right, they are way too wide but we found these that are easy to move in yet still look pretty nice so they will look good in the other scenes that they aren't dancing in, too.

After we left the store it was time to pick them up so we went back to get them and I remembered we were supposed to look for an elf to do Elf on a shelf.  We didn't want to spend the $30 to get it with a book, that elf is kinda weird looking anyway.  So after picking them up we went to Target and Mark went in and found one.  It's by Elf on a Shelf but is plush, and really cute, I think at least.  We decided to name him Elvis lol.  Mark's idea and the boys liked it

Preston really liked him too

Well he liked to eat him....

After we got home with Elfis we cleaned the house and Mark got out the tree while I started dinner.  The boys helped put the tree up and then came and helped me make potato soup.  While Mark finished cleaning up we started making some Christmas treats.  

Preston kept attacking everything we put in reach

He didn't stay long, he doesn't like his bumbo but he sat with us for a little bit then went to cuddle with daddy.  

Making White Chocolate Cinnamon Pretzels...which BTW are AWESOME!!!

Hayden helping put hershey's kisses on the pretzels

All of us adding m&ms after we melted the kisses just a little

Finished products, both turned out so yummy and the boys did an awesome job.  We are going to make things like this and package them up as gifts to the aunts, uncles and grandparents this year...shhhhh

By the time we finished cleaning, setting up the tree, cooking dinner, making those and eating it was past bedtime so we didn't get to actually decorate the tree tonight but we will after church tomorrow.  Think we might decorate gingerbread houses tomorrow too and make the lemon cookies I bought the stuff to try to see if we want to give those as gifts too :)

My sweet big boys

Haydy trying some of the holiday pretzel treats

Sweet boy

We are so ready for Christmas!!!!  Can't wait to see where Elfis is in the morning ;)

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