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Sunday, December 4, 2011

He sits!!!!!

Preston woke up about 45min after going to bed tonight, really congested and annoyed.  So he hung out with us for a bit.  He was in such a good mood after sitting up for awhile, not so congested after that.  He was giggly and playing <3

I sat on the floor with him and sat him up on the floor and he sat up!!!!!!!  ON HIS OWN!!!!  First time ever!!  He stayed upright for a few sec then would lean onto one hand or forward but he still supported himself for awhile!  He did so awesome!!  

Since he was in such a good mood I decided to put his Santa suit on him and take pics in front of the tree showing off his new "trick"

Big boy!!  6mo 4 days

I love his Santa outfit!

More sitting up

Even sick he's such a happy baby

Man, I love that baby!  I feel so blessed everyday to have my 4 amazing little men.  We have had such an awesome weekend and hope we will have a great week, too.  Hope you all have a wonderful week too!!!  

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