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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another ER Trip

Poor Preston is sick...again.  Over the past 4 wks or so he hasn't made it a full week before he gets sick again.  Last night he had a pretty high fever, today it's gone down though.  But he has a cough, is really congested, runny nose, yucky eye and just feeling bad :(  I called the nurse hotline to see what they thought, see if he could ride it out.  They said with his history and him breathing so fast that we should have him checked out.  

The dr at the ER was awesome, she was going over the questions they always ask...allergies, up to date on vaccines, etc.  When she asked about vaccines I said no, then she asked if he had had this point I was expecting some lecture when I said no but instead she said, "yeah we don't vaccinate my kids either"!  Not often you hear it from a dr, they usually won't admit how they feel about it.  Our old pedi in Colorado didn't vaccinate her kids either though.  So she looked him over and said he has Sinusitis..or a sinus infection.  She prescribed antibiotics but told me it was up to me whether to get them filled or was what they were supposed to do for that so that's why she prescribed them.  Normally we would avoid antibiotics unless the boys HAD to have them but with him he worries us, we don't know how long to let him try and fight things off is ok.  He's already been on quite a few antibiotics because of the NICU, being septic twice, having staph, etc.  So I would really like to avoid them if we can.  So she told me what to watch for and if he starts getting these things we will fill it and start them.  

She was also talking (or I should say whispering) about some things they do.  We talked about our pedi, that I really don't like ours but wasn't able to find anyone else to take people who didn't vaccinate so she recommended one to me that I"m going to look up.  Then she also recommended a chiropractor for us and the kids.  So I'm going to look into doing that for him as well...maybe it will help with him getting sick so often.  

For now, he's ok though, just feeling bad :(  But nothing serious.  Hopefully he doesn't get any worse.  She said she could test for RSV but there is no treatment so the best thing is just to watch him and if he shows ANY signs of having a hard time breathing to bring him straight back in.  

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